Demystifying 4 Adoption Myths for Adopting Parents

As you begin researching adoption, there are several adoption myths you may find online. Don’t let these take away from your excitement or discourage you from certain aspects of parenting! At St Elizabeth Foundation, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the adoption process. Let us demystify some of these adoption myths for you.

Myth 1: Most Adoptions Are Closed

Contrary to popular belief, most adoptions are not closed. Due to media portrayals, many people think that closed adoptions are the norm. However, closed adoptions only account for 5% of modern adoptions. The majority are either open or semi-open.

In an open adoption, birth parents can have direct contact with the adoptive family through letters, phone calls, emails, or in-person visits. Semi-open adoptions involve mediated communication facilitated by agencies like St. Elizabeth Foundation.

If you prefer a closed adoption, that’s entirely your choice. We strongly encourage open adoptions when it is in the best interest of all members of the adoption triad. Our counselors can provide detailed insights into each option, helping you decide what’s best for you and your child.

Myth 2: Open Adoptions Are Too Vulnerable

Open adoption is one in which the birth mother or parents keep close communication with the adoptive family. This may include writing letters or emails to their child, sending texts, making phone calls, or having in-person visits. 

For the adopting family, this can appear on the surface to be an area of vulnerability. Remember that both the birth parents and adoptive parents can play essential roles in the child’s development. 

Both parties can work together to provide the child with the best, most nurturing upbringing possible. Our caring team at St. Elizabeth Foundation can help you understand and navigate open adoption after your placement finalization.

Myth 3: I Should Wait to Tell My Child They’re Adopted

Many adoptive parents worry about when and how to tell their child about their adoption, fearing it might cause confusion or tension. However, being open from the start can benefit the child’s development. Sharing this information early on often fosters a healthy relationship between the child, birth parents, and adoptive parents. 

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we specialize in open adoptions and can help build strong connections between birth mothers and adoptive families. Don’t worry about stepping through this process alone. We’re here to help!

Myth 4: Transracial Adoptions Are Too Complicated

Some parents are concerned about adopting outside of their race. However, transracial adoptions can be successful when the needs of the children are being met. It’s all about openly discussing and ensuring your child doesn’t feel isolated or uncared for. Avoiding race altogether can create several problems. 

Examples of this include health and care needs. Take hair, for example. The care that needs to go into your child’s hair may differ exponentially from your own if they are of a different race, as there are differences in texture, moisture retention, and even color since some hair colors have their own needs. However, these needs can be met with proper dedication, which means learning how to care for your child properly. 

Avoiding conversations about ethnicity can also make your child feel racially isolated, creating identity issues. Open discussions can help ease this feeling and make them feel more comfortable with themselves. 

No matter the situation, every adoption has challenges. But with assistance from our agency, we can help you find the right path for you and your family. Don’t let unnecessary adoption myths ruin your mindset.

Brush Off the Adoption Myths & Start Your Journey

Don’t let these adoption myths stop you from exploring the beautiful path of adoption. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we are here to provide you with accurate information and support every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about adoption, ask your questions, and find real answers to ease your worries. Call us at 225-769-8888 or send us a message to begin your adoption journey today.

What To Do After a Testing Positive for an Unplanned Pregnancy

A positive pregnancy test can be an emotional experience, especially if your pregnancy is unplanned. It’s normal to feel a range of emotions, from joy and excitement to fear and uncertainty. If you have recently found yourself in an unplanned pregnancy in New Orleans, know that you are not alone. Our Louisiana adoption agency is here to help.

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand the complexities of an unplanned pregnancy and are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re considering parenting or placing your baby for adoption, we’re here to provide a safe and understanding space to help you make the best decision for you and your baby. Here are eight steps to take after your positive pregnancy test.

Step 1: Stay Calm

First things first — take a few deep breaths. Finding out you are pregnant can be a shock, and it’s essential to give yourself enough time to process the news. Acknowledge your feelings, whatever they may be, and remember that it’s okay to feel a mix of emotions.

Step 2: Reach Out for Emotional Support

You don’t have to go through this alone. Reach out to a trusted friend, family member, or counselor for emotional support. Sometimes, just talking about your feelings can provide immense relief. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we offer free counseling services to help you understand your unplanned pregnancy and explore your options in New Orleans moving forward.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment With a Healthcare Provider

The next practical step is to contact a healthcare provider to confirm the pregnancy and schedule your first prenatal visit. Taking care of your health is crucial for both you and your baby. Your healthcare provider can offer guidance on nutrition, supplements, and what to expect during pregnancy and can help determine your due date.

Step 4: Research Adoption Agencies and Support Organizations in Louisiana

If you’re considering adoption, it’s essential to understand your options and rights. Research adoption agencies and support organizations to get a comprehensive view of the adoption process. For example, our Louisiana adoption agency has helped place over 600 babies in loving homes through adoption. We can help you explore your options and provide the support you need to make an informed decision.

Step 5: Consider Your Long-Term Goals

Take some time to reflect on your long-term goals and how they align with your current situation. Ask yourself:

  • Can I see myself parenting my baby?
  • Do I feel financially stable enough to support myself and a new child?
  • Do I have professional or personal goals that I will have to put on hold to be a mother?

These questions can help you determine whether parenting or placing your baby for adoption is the right choice for you.

Step 6: Build a Support Network

Start building a support network of people who can help you through your unplanned pregnancy in New Orleans. Whether it’s friends, family, or support groups, having a network of people around you can make a significant difference.

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we offer a range of support services tailored to the needs of birth mothers. This includes confidential counseling and financial assistance for pregnancy-related expenses. Our compassionate team is dedicated to ensuring you have the resources and emotional support necessary to make the best decision for you and your baby.

Step 7: Take Care of Yourself Physically and Emotionally

Your well-being is essential. Focus on a healthy lifestyle and positive self-care practices. This includes eating well, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Remember, taking care of yourself also means taking care of your baby.

Step 8: Determine Your Adoption Plan With St. Elizabeth Foundation

If you decide that adoption is the best option for you and your baby, St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to help with every detail. From setting up an open, semi-open, or closed adoption to assisting with financial challenges and helping you determine your hospital plan, we provide comprehensive support.

Searching for Help With Your Unplanned Pregnancy in New Orleans? Call St. Elizabeth Foundation Today

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be daunting, but you don’t have to go through it alone. St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to support and guide you every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the resources and care you need to make the best decision for you and your baby. Call us at 225-769-8888 or send us a message online to get started. We’re here for you.

Understanding Adoption: How Children Feel

​​Adoption can be a deeply positive experience for children, offering them a chance to grow up in a nurturing and supportive environment. Many adopted children thrive in their new families, developing a strong sense of belonging and identity. For birth mothers, understanding how adoption can positively impact their child’s life is crucial in making the best possible decisions.

With guidance and constant support from St. Elizabeth Foundation, we can help birth mothers navigate the adoption journey. If you are a birth mother considering adoption, learn more about the benefits this decision can have on your child.

How Do Children Feel About Being Adopted?

For many children, learning about their adoption brings a mix of emotions, such as curiosity, pride, and respect. In some instances, it can foster a deep appreciation for the decision made by their birth mothers. Here are just a few positive benefits adoption can have for your baby.

They Feel a Sense of Belonging

Many adoptees feel a strong sense of belonging within their adoptive families. This sense of security is crucial for their emotional well-being, helping them to thrive and develop strong, healthy relationships. Additionally, studies have shown that 86% of adoptees who had open contact with their birth parents feel highly satisfied about that openness.

They Have Gratitude for Their Birth Mothers

In open or semi-open adoptions, adoptive parents and adoptees may share direct communication with birth mothers. Not only can this help an adoptee develop a better understanding of adoption, but it can also form a positive understanding of how and why their mother came to her decision. With this knowledge, adoptees often express gratitude towards their birth mothers, recognizing the selfless decision of adoption. This act of love and sacrifice is deeply appreciated.

They Understand Their Identity Better

Learning about their biological background is crucial for adopted children. It provides them with a deeper understanding of their family history. This information is also valuable for addressing medical needs, helping adoptees and their adoptive families anticipate potential health issues or genetic conditions. This knowledge of their family and medical background can help adoptees better grasp their own identity.

Clare’s Story: Understanding Adoption From the View of an Adoptee

Clare’s adoption story with St. Elizabeth Foundation shows the beauty of growing up in a family formed by open adoption. Through prayer and selflessness, her mother, Michelle, decided to place her for adoption in the loving home of Susan and Paul.

Here’s what Clare has to say about her experience.

“When I’m getting to know someone, that’s actually something that I say about myself. I’m adopted and it’s not a secret,” Clare shares. She goes on to say that her gratitude towards her birth mother, Michelle, is evident: “I’m thankful for the life that Michelle gave me.”

Clare’s adoptive parents were open in sharing photos and stories of her birth mother. When Clare met Michelle in person when she turned 18, it was a profound experience.

“That was amazing. We talked for about two hours, really just getting to know each other.” This meeting answered many questions Clare had growing up and strengthened her understanding of her identity.

Michelle, Clare’s birth mother, also shares her perspective.

“I’m very fortunate that she allows me to be a part of her life.” Michelle speaks fondly of the time spent with Clare post-birth, knowing she made the right decision. “I would just sit there and hold her and kiss her and tell her how much I loved her, and I told her this is for the best — that they’re going to love you and you’re going to have such a great life.”

Clare, now a college graduate, has a loving relationship with both her adoptive parents and her birth mother. And, she is proud to share her inspirational adoption story with others.

Read and watch more stories of adoption from birth mothers, adoptees, and adoptive parents from St. Elizabeth Foundation.

Explore Your Options With St. Elizabeth Foundation

Choosing adoption is a loving and selfless decision that can lead to a positive future for your child. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we are here to support and encourage you every step of this journey. If you’re considering adoption, reach out to us for more information. Send us a message or call 225-769-8888 today. From understanding adoption to finding a helping hand to guide you through the adoption process, our team is ready to provide the care you need.

How a Local Adoption Agency Supports Birth Mothers

Deciding to place a baby for adoption is an act of profound love and courage. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand this choice’s emotional and social weight. Our local adoption agency aims to support Lake Charles birth mothers through every step of their adoption journey, providing a network of care, understanding, and respect. Explore how we help birth mothers

Empowerment Through Choice

St. Elizabeth Foundation stands out as a compassionate guide in the adoption process. We firmly believe that you’re in control. From choosing the adoptive family to deciding the type of adoption and the birth plan, you are the decision-maker during the adoption process. This empowering approach ensures you feel confident and content with your decision, contributing positively to your mental and emotional well-being.

A Path to a Stronger Future

Our support continues after the adoption process. St. Elizabeth Foundation aims to help birth mothers build a brighter future. In fact, we’ve witnessed countless women who, after placing their baby for adoption, have achieved significant personal growth. They advance their careers, complete their education, and gain more job training. This positive outcome is a testament to the strength and resilience of women who choose adoption.

Beyond Financial Aid

For birth mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy, we offer comprehensive assistance that covers living, medical, legal, and counseling costs. Our support is tailored to ensure that you do not feel alone at any point. From the first conversation to counseling services and support groups, we’re here not just as an agency but as a family you can count on.

Our Local Adoption Agency’s Success Stories That Inspire

One touching testimonial comes from a mother who placed her son for adoption 13 years ago with our local adoption agency. She reflects on the unwavering support from St. Elizabeth Foundation, highlighting that it extended far beyond the adoption itself. In fact, she still receives support 13 years later. This enduring connection and continual support have helped her face life with confidence and gratitude.

Before connecting with St. Elizabeth Foundation, she was feeling the confusion and uncertainty a birth mother often feels, which was quickly alleviated after speaking with a counselor from our team. Feeling immediate warmth and acceptance, she knew she was making the right decision — a belief that had only grown stronger over time.

A Community That Cares

At the core of St. Elizabeth’s philosophy is the principle of creating a loving family for every child and a supportive community for every birth mother. The adoptive families working with us are thoroughly assessed to ensure they can provide a loving home and a future filled with opportunities for your child. We specialize in semi-open adoptions but are flexible to organize meetings with birth parents, ensuring open communication lines that are comfortable for everyone involved.

Choosing our local adoption agency near Lake Charles means joining a compassionate community dedicated to creating positive outcomes for all — especially for you, the birth mother. With us, you’ll find a team that’s easygoing, honest, and always available when you need us.

Having a local adoption agency by your side can make all the difference in a world filled with challenging decisions. If you’re considering adoption, know that the St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to support, inform, and guide you toward a future filled with hope and possibilities.

Have Questions? Our Team Is Here to Help.

For more information, contact us at St. Elizabeth Foundation. Your story is important, and we’re here to listen. Call 225-769-8888 now or message us online to learn how we can support your adoption decision and help you prepare for a bright future.

Why Might Louisiana Mothers Place Their Children for Adoption?

Making the decision to place your baby for adoption is deeply significant. It’s a path chosen with love, thoughtfulness, and consideration for the child’s future. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we stand beside expectant mothers with open hearts, ready to support and guide them through every step of this courageous process. Our compassionate approach ensures that every mother feels respected, understood, and empowered. If you are considering adoption in Louisiana, here are eight reasons why mothers might choose to place their children for adoption.

1. She Isn’t Ready To Be a Mother

Becoming a mother is life-changing. Sometimes, a woman may feel she isn’t ready for the responsibilities and commitment of motherhood. This realization shows immense strength and forward thinking to ensure the well-being of her child.

2. She Wants Her Baby to Grow Up With Two Loving Parents

Many women dream of their child being raised in a household with two loving parents. However, circumstances may prevent this ideal scenario. Placing children for adoption allows for the possibility of making this dream a reality for their baby.

3. She Is Too Young to Be a Mother

Facing an unexpected pregnancy, particularly at a young age, can be incredibly overwhelming. When young women choose to place their children for adoption through our Louisiana agency, they can help their babies find loving homes while also having the opportunity to pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

4. She Has Personal or Financial Challenges

Life’s unpredictability can present many obstacles, including personal or financial struggles. For a woman facing these challenges, especially when they impact her ability to provide for a child, adoption can become a consideration. It offers a pathway to ensure her child receives the care, love, and stability she might currently be unable to provide, turning a difficult decision into a hopeful future for her child.

5. She Wants Her Baby to Have the Best Possible Opportunities

Every mother wants her child to succeed and have access to educational, extracurricular, and career opportunities that she might not be able to provide on her own. This desire for their child’s future can lead some women to consider adoption in Louisiana. It’s a sacrifice made out of love, hoping to give their child a life full of potential and success.

6. She Wants to Pursue Personal Opportunities in Her Future

Women may have dreams for their futures, from professional goals to travel and marriage. Unplanned pregnancies may put these ambitions on hold. Adoption can offer a hopeful path forward, providing children with loving homes while allowing birth mothers to pursue their own dreams and goals.

7. She Wants to Help Someone Else Grow Their Family

The desire to bring joy to others cannot be understated. Some mothers find peace and purpose in knowing their decision to place their children for adoption will help another family experience the joy of parenting. This selfless act creates a ripple effect of happiness and fulfillment across multiple lives.

8. She Knows Her Baby Will Be Deeply Loved

At the heart of every adoption is love. Mothers considering placing their children for adoption do so with the belief and understanding that their children will be cherished and deeply loved by their new family.

Discover Why So Many Louisiana Mothers Place Their Children for Adoption Through St. Elizabeth

Choosing adoption is a decision fueled by love and hope for a child’s future. St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to provide compassionate care and support for mothers on this path. We understand the weight of this decision and are dedicated to helping carry out the process with respect, dignity, and love.

If you or someone you know is considering placing children for adoption in Louisiana, please reach out to St. Elizabeth Foundation. We are here to listen, support, and guide you through this journey with empathy and understanding. You can send a message online or call us at 225-769-8888 for more information. Your brave choice could open the door to a world of opportunity and love for your child.

5 Adoption Myths & the Facts Behind Them

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we’ve dedicated our mission to caring for birth mothers, building happy families, and clearing up adoption misconceptions. Understanding the truths behind common adoption myths is crucial for those considering embarking on this beautiful and rewarding journey. Here’s what we want you to know.

Myth 1: All Adoptions Are Closed

The Fact: The landscape of adoption has dramatically transformed over the years. While closed adoptions were once the norm, they now represent a small fraction of arrangements. In fact, it’s estimated that only 5% of modern adoptions are closed

That means 95% of today’s adoptions involve some level of openness. Whether through semi-open or open adoptions, there’s room for communication tailored to the comfort levels of all parties involved. 

Here at St. Elizabeth Foundation, we specialize in open adoptions, navigating these relationships with compassion and respect.

Myth 2: Adopted Children Are Treated Differently Within A Family

The Fact: This is one of the biggest adoption myths being spread. There’s immense love and longing behind each adoption story we witness. Choosing adoption for their baby is a profoundly selfless, courageous, and loving decision made by birth mothers for the well-being of their child. In return, adoptive parents shower both their biological and adopted children with equal measures of love and care.

Adoptive parents choose to open their hearts and lives to a child, often after years of dreaming of becoming parents. We’ve seen, time and again, the deep bonds formed and the overwhelming love shared between adoptive parents and their children.

In fact, an insightful NPR article delves into the nurturing efforts of parents towards their adopted children, emphasizing how much effort and excitement they show toward their child. For example, adopted children are more likely to be read to each day. Statistics reveal a notable contrast, with 68% of adopted children benefiting from regular reading compared to 48% in the general population. 

Myth 3: Adoptees Shouldn’t Know They Are Adopted and Typically Don’t 

The Fact: Transparency and honesty in discussing adoption with children are now seen as beneficial for their identity and well-being. Advances in psychology and counseling recommend early sharing about a child’s adoption. It fosters a healthy, open environment where children can understand and embrace their stories.

Myth 5: Adopted Children Have More Challenging Behaviors

The Fact: Another of the common adoption myths implies that adopted children are more likely to act out. Studies show that with nurturing, supportive family environments, adopted children thrive equally as well as their non-adopted peers. Every child is unique, and while some adoptees may face challenges, the love and stability provided by their adoptive families pave the way for happy, fulfilled lives. 

Additional Truths

Fewer Babies Being Placed for Adoption?

Quite the opposite! St. Elizabeth Foundation alone has placed over 600 babies with loving families. Additionally, based on the 2022 Adoption by the Numbers study by the National Council on Adoption, around 115,353 adoptions occurred in 2019. This data covers private placements, foster care adoptions, and stepparent adoptions. 

Families With an Adopted Child Is Fairly Rare?

On the contrary, adoption is more common than many realize. About one out of every 25 U.S. families with children has an adopted child, according to data in the 2010 U.S. census. Adoption touches more lives than you might think.

Waiting to Tell the Adoptee They Are Adopted When They Are Older Is Better?

Research and countless stories from adoptive families highlight the importance of early disclosure. Initiating conversations about adoption early on—preferably before the child turns three—is strongly encouraged. 

Bringing Light to Adoption Myths

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we’re passionate about sharing the truths of adoption, knowing they forge stronger, more informed, and loving families. If you’re considering adoption, we invite you to approach it with an open heart and mind, ready to discover the joy of growing your family in this special way.

To learn more or to begin your adoption journey, reach out to us at St. Elizabeth Foundation, your trusted partner every step of the way. Give us a call at 225-796-8888 or send us a message. Join us in building happy families and busting adoption myths, one truth at a time.

How People Looking to Adopt Connect with Birth Mothers

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand the complexity and emotions involved in the decision of placing a child for adoption. Our mission is to help birth mothers find people looking to adopt in Shreveport, providing a supportive environment throughout the process. Learn more about the adoption process, what choices are available to you, and how our team at St. Elizabeth Foundation can help.

Understanding the Adoption Process

Adoption is a journey of love and selflessness. It involves making decisions for the betterment of your child’s life. When you’re ready to begin this journey, we are here to guide you through the process. 

Your Choices Matter

Each adoption story is unique and deeply personal. Therefore, we offer multiple adoption options to cater to your needs and comfort. The choice is yours, from open adoptions that foster direct communication with the adoptive family to closed adoptions that preserve complete privacy.

  • Open Adoption: A method where you maintain direct contact with the adoptive family, fostering a deeper connection with your child.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: This option allows limited, mediated contact with the adoptive family, balancing connectivity and privacy.
  • Closed Adoption: In this pathway, there’s no contact post-adoption, which some birth mothers may prefer.

There’s no universal right choice. We encourage birth mothers to select the option best for them and their children. 

How To Find the Right People Looking To Adopt in Shreveport

Birth mothers have the power to choose the family that will provide the best future for their children. The preferences of birth mothers vary significantly, and so do the profiles of potential adoptive families. 

With St. Elizabeth Foundation, you can explore a range of family profiles to find people looking to adopt in Shreveport that align with your preferences. In their profiles, you can learn about how the couple met, their lifestyles, family life, and other essential details that can help you envision this future for your child. 

While choosing the right potential adoptive parents, remember you’re not alone. We’re here, ready to guide you through each profile, helping you understand the nuances and aligning them with your hopes for your child’s future. Your choice matters, and we’re committed to ensuring it’s informed.

Creating Your Personalized Adoption Plan

Every birth mother has a unique story, and every adoption journey is different. We work closely with you to create a personalized adoption plan. This includes planning for the labor and delivery experience you want to have and providing free counseling services throughout the entire process—even after placement.

Why Choose St. Elizabeth Foundation?

Choosing St. Elizabeth Foundation means opting for compassion, respect, and a commitment to creating loving families through adoption. We are a trusted partner in your adoption journey, with a placement rate almost double the average for other Louisiana adoption agencies. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized support every step of the way.

Take Your Next Steps With Us

For over 30 years, St. Elizabeth Foundation has devoted our lives to creating families through adoption. We embrace every birth mother seeking to find people looking to adopt in Shreveport, offering a caring and supportive environment. We are here for you, to support you, and to help you find the perfect family for your child. 

Are you ready to explore adoption with the St. Elizabeth Foundation? We invite you to reach out to our compassionate team. You can contact us by calling 225-769-8888 or send us a message online. Let’s walk this journey together.

4 Questions You May Ask During Your Unplanned Pregnancy in Shreveport

Finding out that you are pregnant unexpectedly can make you feel overwhelmed and confused. It’s normal to have a lot of questions racing through your mind. Maybe you are not ready to become a parent yet, or your current situation does not allow you to raise a child. Whatever the reason is, please know that you are not alone. St. Elizabeth Foundation in Baton Rouge is here to provide support and help you understand your options. Start by exploring four common questions birth mothers might ask when faced with an unplanned pregnancy in Shreveport and how you can find answers.

1. What Options Do I Have?

When finding out that you are expecting, you may wonder if you’re ready to parent a child. This is just one option available to you. Additionally, you can choose to place your baby for adoption. This can sound scary, but it can be a positive decision. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we offer closed, open, and semi-open adoptions to meet each birth mother’s individual needs.

In a closed adoption, there is no contact between the birth parents and the adoptive family after the placement of the child. This is unlike an open adoption where birth mothers may schedule regular visits and communication with the child and adoptive family. Semi-open adoption falls in between, with letters and updates sent through an intermediary from our adoption agency.

2. What Will My Baby Think of Me?

We understand that you may be worried about what your child will think of you if you choose adoption. However, adoption is a selfless and loving choice for your baby. They will grow up knowing that you loved them enough to choose the best life possible for them. 

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, you can connect with loving adoptive families and carefully select the best family for your child. Not only will they help provide your child with a beautiful life, but you can also have the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life as they grow up through open adoption.

3. Will My Friends and Family Support My Decision?

It’s essential to have a support system through the adoption process. This may be friends or loved ones who can offer love and emotional care as you navigate your birth and placement plan. Telling your loved ones about your unplanned pregnancy and your plans for adoption in Shreveport can be a vulnerable process. However, choosing adoption is a very personal decision, and what matters most is that you feel confident in your choice regardless of other’s opinions.

Our team at St. Elizabeth Foundation will also be there for you from start to finish. We have trained adoption professionals who offer support, guidance, and free counseling services throughout the adoption journey.

4. What Will My Future Look Like?

Adoption is a selfless act that not only provides a loving home for a child but also gives birth mothers the chance to pursue their goals and dreams. Some women may not feel ready for parenthood due to financial concerns, personal circumstances, or simply not feeling emotionally prepared. Adoption offers a sense of relief and hope for the future.

By choosing adoption, birth mothers can continue their education, advance in their careers, or simply focus on personal growth. At the same time, they are allowing their baby to grow in another stable and nurturing household. Adoption truly gives both the birth mother and her baby the opportunity for a brighter future.

Explore Your Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy in Shreveport

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Shreveport, know that there are options available to you. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we are here to help you understand your options and deliver caring and compassionate support. For more information about the adoption process, call 225-769-8888 or send us a message online. Our Baton Rouge adoption agency is here to help you connect with adopting families in Louisiana and beyond as you make the best decision for you and your baby. 

What to Consider When Building a Birth Plan for Your Louisiana Adoption

Bringing a child into the world is a profoundly personal and emotional journey, especially when considering adoption. Building a birth plan is an important part of this journey. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we believe it should be tailored to meet each birth mother’s individual needs and desires. Our compassionate Louisiana adoption agency is dedicated to supporting you as you make thoughtful and informed decisions throughout this process. As you work through the details of your birth plan, keep these factors in mind.

Planning Your Birth Experience

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand the importance of empowering birth mothers to shape their labor and delivery experience. We encourage you to build a birth plan that aligns with your preferences and comfort level. Here are some questions to guide you through the planning process.

1. What hospital is right for your birth?

Selecting a hospital that feels comfortable for your Louisiana adoption plan is essential. Think about whether you have a preference for a particular hospital and discuss this with our adoption specialists. Additionally, think about the type of birth experience you want, whether it involves a natural birth, a c-section, or the use of pain management options like epidurals.

2. Do you want loved ones present for the birth?

Think about the loved ones within your support network and whether or not you want them present during the birth. Whether it’s close friends, family members, or someone you trust, having a support system can provide the emotional strength needed during this important moment.

3. Do you want the adoptive parents with you for the birth?

If you choose to have an open or semi-open adoption, you can decide whether you want the adopting family to be present during the birth. Some birth mothers find comfort and support in having the adoptive family present, while others may prefer a more private experience. Our team can help communicate your wishes to ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. Do you want to keep items to remember the day?

Think about whether or not you want to keep any items to remind you of the day. This may include keeping your baby’s hospital ID bracelet or blanket. These are items you can keep for yourself or share with the adoptive family and loved ones.

5. Do you want to spend time with your baby after the birth?

Consider whether you want to hold your baby immediately after birth or spend time alone with them before they are introduced to the adoptive family. These are deeply personal decisions, and our team is here to support you in creating a plan that reflects your desires.

St. Elizabeth Foundation Is Here to Support You

St. Elizabeth Foundation is committed to helping you throughout your adoption journey, from providing financial support to offering essential counseling services. We understand that concerns about hospital bills can be overwhelming, and we are here to help. Our team can provide financial aid to ensure you can focus on the emotional aspects of your adoption journey rather than worrying about the cost of medical care.

Navigating the adoption can be emotionally challenging. Our experienced counselors offer pre- and post-placement counseling services to help you:

  • Work through the details of your adoption and birth plan.
  • Learn how to talk with loved ones about your adoption.
  • Process the emotional needs that may arise throughout the adoption journey.

We believe that addressing both practical and emotional aspects is crucial to the well-being of birth mothers. Together, we can tailor our counseling services to your unique needs.

Start Your Louisiana Adoption Journey

As you decide on the details of your Louisiana adoption, remember that St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to guide and support you. Building a birth plan is a major step in this process, and our dedicated team is ready to assist you in making choices that align with your values and desires.

To learn more about the adoption process or start your adoption journey, reach out to St. Elizabeth Foundation today. You can send us a message online or call 225-769-8888. Our caring team is here to provide more information about adoption and help you take the first steps toward a brighter future for you and your child.

3 Easy Ways to Support Your Loved One’s Infant Adoption in New Orleans

Bringing a child into the world is a journey of love, hope, and commitment. When someone close to you decides to grow their family through adoption, showing support is crucial. Navigating the complexities of infant adoption in New Orleans can be overwhelming, but with your encouragement, your loved ones can find comfort and strength.

St. Elizabeth Foundation aims to serve birth mothers and adopting families, including their community members, who may be seeking resources on how they can support their loved ones throughout the adoption process. Explore three easy ways to support your friend or family member through their infant adoption journey in New Orleans.

1. Educate Yourself About Adoption

Understanding the intricacies of infant adoption in New Orleans is the first step in providing meaningful support. Take the initiative to educate yourself about the legal processes, emotional challenges, and the rights of birth parents and adoptive families in New Orleans. By gaining knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to answer questions, offer guidance, and ease any concerns your loved ones may have.

Emphasize the importance of open communication in adoption, as it fosters trust among all parties involved. Knowing the local adoption laws and resources will empower you to be a valuable source of information, making the entire experience more manageable for your loved ones.

2. Offer Emotional Support

Infant adoption in New Orleans can be an emotional process, and your loved ones will undoubtedly face moments of joy, uncertainty, and stress. Be a pillar of strength by providing unwavering emotional support throughout their journey. Listen actively, offer a shoulder to lean on, and reassure them that their feelings are valid.

Organize gatherings or activities that allow your loved ones to relax and enjoy the support of their community. From baby showers for the adopting couple to casual get-togethers, creating a positive and loving environment will make a significant impact on their adoption experience. Remember, a strong support system is invaluable during the highs and lows of the adoption process.

3. Assist With Practical Matters

Navigating the adoption journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience. Amidst the flurry of paperwork, home studies, and logistical elements, your loved ones may find themselves in need of practical assistance.

Consider the family eagerly anticipating the arrival of their adopted child. They’ve poured over documents, navigated complex legal processes, and now face a new set of tasks. Preparing the nursery, assembling baby furniture, stocking up on essentials—it can all seem overwhelming.

This is where you can step in. Offering a helping hand in setting up the nursery isn’t just about painting walls or putting together a crib. It’s about creating a space of love and comfort for the baby and sharing in the adopting family’s process of building a home for their child.

Similarly, organizing a meal train for the first few weeks post-arrival can provide immense relief to the new parents. Amidst the joy and exhaustion, a warm, home-cooked meal can provide not just nourishment, but also a reminder of the support system they have.

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Your support for loved ones navigating the infant adoption process in New Orleans is priceless. By extending your understanding, empathy, and tangible assistance, you are making a difference in their lives. Remember—every kind word, gesture of love, and moment of emotional support adds to their strength and resolve. 

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we are always here to help you better understand and navigate this journey alongside them. Reach out to us at 225-769-8888 or send us a message for more information.