• Teri Casso

    Executive Director

  • Robin Marrero

    Placement Director

  • Lesley Lowery

    Director of Outreach and Education

  • Haley DeBlieux

    Case Worker

  • India Merath

    Case Worker

  • Tyler Medina

    Office Manager

  • Carolina Michel

    Administrative Assistant to Staff

  • Melissa Fitch

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

About the Founders

When Hays and Gay Town endowed the St. Elizabeth Foundation in 1988, they set out with a goal to change the stigma against adoption in the Louisiana community. Through the foundation, they established a safe system for helping birthmothers remain healthy and stable after birthing, as well as providing guidance and assistance to families seeking to adopt. In doing so, over 600 infants in Louisiana have been placed in loving homes with the help of St. Elizabeth and the numbers are growing. Hays and Gay Town have remained as active volunteers and members on the Board of Directors. In years past, they served at the foundation and frequently followed up with parents to make sure their needs were met. Hays and Gay Town still open their home annualy to serve dinner to the foundation’s Gala Planning Committee.

A. Hays Town, Jr., Founder

A. Hays Town, Jr.


Gay Town, Founder

Gay Town


Board Members

  • Ashley Blanchard

  • Franklin Foil

  • Beth Fuller

  • Lillie Gallagher

  • Al Jones

  • Terri Leblanc

  • Robin Marrero

  • Brian McClure

  • Susan Meng

  • David Rabalais

  • A.Hays Town, Jr.

  • Adam Town

  • Gay Town

  • George Town

  • Emily Town