After learning of an unplanned pregnancy, birth mothers have several opportunities available, ranging from keeping their baby to choosing a new home for the child. You may know immediately that parenting your baby is not the right decision for you. For many women, this decision then comes down to two options: adoption vs abortion. How do you determine which of these is the right choice? Discover just a few of the reasons why birth mothers are choosing adoption over abortion.

1. You Aren’t Ready to Be a Parent

You may not be ready to be a parent for many reasons. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about this! In many circumstances, age can play a major role in this decision. Young birth mothers may not be ready to take on motherhood or may not have the resources needed to raise their babies. Even for older mothers, an unplanned pregnancy may not come at the right time. No matter your reasoning, you should never feel pressured into your decision. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we offer professional counseling to help you work through the complex emotions and decisions that come with an unplanned pregnancy. And we empower you to make the decision that is right for you.

If you do not feel confident that parenthood is the right choice for you, you may be considering the benefits of adoption vs abortion. Abortion is a very permanent decision—one that can leave you with regret and countless what-ifs. Not only does adoption take the responsibility and stress of parenthood off your shoulders, but it also places your baby in a safe and loving household. This gives you the freedom to move forward knowing that both you and your baby have abundant opportunities ahead.

2. You Aren’t Financially Able

The USDA found that on average, the cost of raising two children in a two-parent, middle-income household is over $233,000. This already challenging expense can be even more difficult for a single parent. While having a child can be a wonderful experience, this may not be financially plausible. And for this reason, many women may pursue other options when faced with an unexpected pregnancy.

Abortion is no small cost, ranging from hundreds of dollars to over $1000. Since abortion procedures are illegal in many states, the price of travel to a practicing state, room and board, and time lost at work can stack on top of an already expensive procedure. 

However, the costs of adoption vs abortion can be as drastically different as night and day. Adoption can remove the financial burden placed on mothers by eliminating out-of-pocket expenses. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we even provide financial aid for living, medical, and legal expenses during your pregnancy. If you are interested in learning more about the financial assistance you can receive during your adoption process, speak with a member of our team today.

3. Parenting Doesn’t Align With Your Future Goals

What is your vision for your future? It is perfectly fine if parenthood is not one of the stepping stones in the goals you have set for yourself. But what happens if you experience an unplanned pregnancy along the way? This may lead you to choose between adoption vs abortion. Just as you have planned for your long-term achievements, we encourage you to consider the success your baby could achieve as well. 

By placing your child for adoption, not only do you have the opportunity to continue pursuing your goals, but your baby can also grow and thrive with their adoptive family. Adoption gives you the power to pursue your professional and educational dreams. And it also gives your child the chance to do the same. If you opt for open adoption, you can watch your child grow up in a happy, healthy environment and encourage them to pursue their goals, too.

4. You Want To Give Your Baby Better Opportunities

The choice of adoption vs abortion can be a difficult decision. An expectant mother may not have the means to financially support a child. Or, they may not be able to provide them with the stability they need. Choosing adoption may require sacrificing your desire to raise your child in order to selflessly provide them with better opportunities. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we know how big this decision is, and we are here to support you as you pursue a loving future for your baby. Know that choosing adoption does not take away your place in your child’s future!

Our adoption agency specializes in open adoptions which allow birth mothers to remain in open communication with their baby and the adoptive family. Not only do we support you as you find the right home to place your bay, but we also help form the bridge between you and your child’s new home. With this decision, your baby can experience both your love and that of their adoptive parents. If you would like to discuss open adoption, our experts can help you understand the details and begin the adoption process.

Considering Adoption vs Abortion? Discover Your Options Through St. Elizabeth Foundation

If are deciding between adoption vs abortion, St. Elizabeth Foundation can offer a listening ear as you explore your options. Our kind and compassionate counselors make sure you have all the knowledge and resources you need to make the right decision for you and your baby. And if you choose to place your baby for adoption, we can help you determine your birth plan and connect you with adopting families nationwide. Simply get in touch with us at 225-769-8888 or send us a message for more information.