​​Adoption can be a deeply positive experience for children, offering them a chance to grow up in a nurturing and supportive environment. Many adopted children thrive in their new families, developing a strong sense of belonging and identity. For birth mothers, understanding how adoption can positively impact their child’s life is crucial in making the best possible decisions.

With guidance and constant support from St. Elizabeth Foundation, we can help birth mothers navigate the adoption journey. If you are a birth mother considering adoption, learn more about the benefits this decision can have on your child.

How Do Children Feel About Being Adopted?

For many children, learning about their adoption brings a mix of emotions, such as curiosity, pride, and respect. In some instances, it can foster a deep appreciation for the decision made by their birth mothers. Here are just a few positive benefits adoption can have for your baby.

They Feel a Sense of Belonging

Many adoptees feel a strong sense of belonging within their adoptive families. This sense of security is crucial for their emotional well-being, helping them to thrive and develop strong, healthy relationships. Additionally, studies have shown that 86% of adoptees who had open contact with their birth parents feel highly satisfied about that openness.

They Have Gratitude for Their Birth Mothers

In open or semi-open adoptions, adoptive parents and adoptees may share direct communication with birth mothers. Not only can this help an adoptee develop a better understanding of adoption, but it can also form a positive understanding of how and why their mother came to her decision. With this knowledge, adoptees often express gratitude towards their birth mothers, recognizing the selfless decision of adoption. This act of love and sacrifice is deeply appreciated.

They Understand Their Identity Better

Learning about their biological background is crucial for adopted children. It provides them with a deeper understanding of their family history. This information is also valuable for addressing medical needs, helping adoptees and their adoptive families anticipate potential health issues or genetic conditions. This knowledge of their family and medical background can help adoptees better grasp their own identity.

Clare’s Story: Understanding Adoption From the View of an Adoptee

Clare’s adoption story with St. Elizabeth Foundation shows the beauty of growing up in a family formed by open adoption. Through prayer and selflessness, her mother, Michelle, decided to place her for adoption in the loving home of Susan and Paul.

Here’s what Clare has to say about her experience.

“When I’m getting to know someone, that’s actually something that I say about myself. I’m adopted and it’s not a secret,” Clare shares. She goes on to say that her gratitude towards her birth mother, Michelle, is evident: “I’m thankful for the life that Michelle gave me.”

Clare’s adoptive parents were open in sharing photos and stories of her birth mother. When Clare met Michelle in person when she turned 18, it was a profound experience.

“That was amazing. We talked for about two hours, really just getting to know each other.” This meeting answered many questions Clare had growing up and strengthened her understanding of her identity.

Michelle, Clare’s birth mother, also shares her perspective.

“I’m very fortunate that she allows me to be a part of her life.” Michelle speaks fondly of the time spent with Clare post-birth, knowing she made the right decision. “I would just sit there and hold her and kiss her and tell her how much I loved her, and I told her this is for the best — that they’re going to love you and you’re going to have such a great life.”

Clare, now a college graduate, has a loving relationship with both her adoptive parents and her birth mother. And, she is proud to share her inspirational adoption story with others.

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