If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you can choose to keep your child, terminate your pregnancy, or place them for adoption. Both parenting your child and opting for abortion are permanent decisions that come with great emotional and financial consideration. With adoption through an established agency near Lafayette, you can instead connect your child to a home where they can receive the support they need. Don’t face the ups and downs of an unplanned pregnancy alone. Find help, care, and support from St. Elizabeth Foundation adoption agency near Lafayette! Are you wondering if placing your baby for adoption is the right choice for you? Here are five common reasons why birth mothers choose adoption for their children.

1. You Are Not Financially Ready for a Family

Having a baby and starting a family is expensive. In fact, raising a child to the age of 18 can cost over $230,000. While parenthood is a beautiful endeavor, it can be a large stressor if it comes when you aren’t financially ready. How can you offer your baby the best life possible? Adoption can give your child the opportunity to grow up in a household with the financial support, medical and educational access, and stability they need.  

2. You Are Too Young to Be a Mom

You may find that you are not yet ready to be a mom, especially at a young age. You may not have the time, means, or desire to take on the full-time responsibility of parenthood. Adoption can help you pursue the best outcomes for you and your baby! With our adoption agency near Lafayette, you can find a judgment-free zone for planning your adoption process and meeting prospective adoptive parents. If you opt for open or semi-open adoption, you can keep in contact with your baby and their adoptive parents while still being able to focus on your own growth.

3. You Don’t Want to Choose Abortion

It’s understandable to consider all of your options when determining what to do after an unplanned pregnancy. At St. Elizabeth’s, we make sure you know what options are available to you. Instead of jumping into a permanent decision, we urge you to consider the benefits of open, semi-open, or closed adoption types. Get in touch with us for free counseling services to understand each possibility ahead of you to find the right choice for you and your baby.

4. You Have Different Goals for Your Future

Your goals matter, and having a child may not be a part of your plan. You should be able to continue taking the steps towards reaching your goals. And at our adoption agency near Lafayette, we can help you move forward without sacrificing the well-being of your baby. Start by considering where you see your life in two years, five years, and ten years. If you do not see raising a child as a part of these objectives, let our caring workers at St. Elizabeth’s help you learn what adoption possibilities you can find.

5. You Want Your Child to Grow Up in a Two-Parent Household

As a single mother, you may wish for your child to grow up in a home with two present and supportive parents. If you face raising your child alone, choosing adoption can give your baby a future in a complete household. At St. Elizabeth’s, our adopting families consist of a mother and father who have been married for at least five years. These families are excited to introduce a baby into their homes and provide them with love, support, and care. We can help you find the right family for your child!

Work With Our Adoption Agency in Lafayette

If you would like more information on our adoption services or would like to speak with a member of our team, we would love for you to reach out to us at the St. Elizabeth Foundation. Our adoption agency is located near Lafayette in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Give us a call at 225-769-8888, or send us a message through our website. We look forward to giving you the guidance and support you need!