How To Get Started

The adoption process begins with submitting an application, followed by a home study and home visit. The home study is a requirement for anyone applying for adoption—whether domestic, inter-country, agency, or private.

We specialize in domestic adoptions in Louisiana. If you live outside of Louisiana, but want to adopt a child from Louisiana, we can still help you.

Openness in Adoption

These birth mothers are giving you the most incredible gift. Because of their amazing gift, the birth mother chooses the adoptive parents. She meets with them openly at the agency, chooses her hospital plan, and whether she’ll remain in touch after the birth. There are three main types of adoptions: open, semi-open, and closed. 

Based in Louisiana, St. Elizabeth specializes in open adoptions. That means we can mediate communication between the birth parent and adoptive family. However, some birth mothers choose a more closed adoption, and we respect their wishes.

The Adoption Process

It’s normal to come to the adoption process with doubts or fear of the unknown. You can rest assured that we’ll be there to guide you each step of the way.

The first step in fulfilling your dream of parenthood is to meet the basic qualification criteria and complete a formal application. After your application is reviewed, you’ll begin the home study process. Please be aware that each of these steps can take time. Call us at (225) 769-8888 to learn more.

Grateful Families

“You know, birth is a miracle, but adoption is also a miracle. And the beauty of it is that the birth parents get to decide. I look at my two children. And I look at them, and of all the places they could be, that’s the miracle that they’re with us.”

– Terri Leblanc, Board Member and Adoptive Mother