Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry

The voluntary registry in Louisiana is a program created by the Department of Children and Family Services to help connect adult adoptees with birth parents and/or birth siblings. A “match” only takes place when both parties have volunteered for the registry. 

To request a registration packet be mailed to you, call (225) 342-9922.

Safety and Crisis Hotline Numbers

Click for a list of safety and crisis hotline phone numbers for national and local agencies.

Adoption Option Resource Tool Kit

The “Adoption Option Resource Tool Kit” is a free booklet created and by provided by St. Elizabeth Foundation for the use of social workers, counselors, educators, and providers working with at-risk youth and pregnant women. This resource is also useful for anyone looking to further their education and understanding of the modern adoption process in Louisiana. Our goal in providing this free tool is to spread awareness and education of the adoption process and benefits to the general public in the hope that it may help those most in need of the information.

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