Do you have an unplanned pregnancy? Choosing adoption is a loving and unselfish choice. As a birth mother, you’ll get to make all the decisions about your adoption plan. One of these choices is whether to have a closed or open adoption in Louisiana. Birth mothers considering adoption often have questions. What’s the difference between closed and open adoptions? How do I know what kind of adoption is best for my baby? Who can help me? 

Differences Between Closed And Open Adoptions In Louisiana

Adoption is always a loving choice. But birth parents can choose to arrange their adoption plan in many different ways. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, our experienced and caring staff can provide resources and answer questions. We’re here to help birth parents decide which situation is best—for them and their babies.  

Open And Semi-Open Adoptions

Birth and adoptive families exchange information with each other in open adoptions. This way, birth parents can maintain a connection with the child. The exact terms of each open adoption can differ for each situation. Because everyone’s situation is unique, there are many different options and arrangements. In open adoptions, birth parents and adoptive families communicate directly with each other. With a semi-open adoption, the agency facilitates communication. 

In fact, open adoption is the most common type of adoption in the United States. Many studies and experts agree it’s the most beneficial. St. Elizabeth Foundation can help birth mothers through every step of an open adoption. We can even offer a place for adopting families and birth parents to meet. 

Closed Adoptions

In closed adoptions, the identities of a baby’s birth parents are sealed in agency and court records. Therefore, the adopting family and the birth parents do not interact or communicate. Physical characteristics and medical history of the parents may be provided, however. St. Elizabeth Foundation specializes in open adoptions. But we understand a closed adoption is sometimes the best situation. 

Adoption Is NOT Foster Care

Some birth mothers are concerned that choosing adoption means their baby will be in foster care. This is not the case. Making an adoption plan means a loving family will parent your baby and provide them with the best possible care. In fact, adoption can be the best way to help children avoid the foster care system. Foster care children often come from birth parents who weren’t ready or able to parent them. However, St. Elizabeth’s adopting families all go through an extensive process. Each couple has to demonstrate they can provide a safe and loving home. 

Why Choose St. Elizabeth Foundation?

Over the past 32 years, we’ve placed more than 600 babies with caring and supportive families. We not only can help birth mothers through their medical and legal needs, but also their emotional ones. What’s more, we can offer support to the birth fathers as well. To get more information and ask us questions, contact us online or call 225-769-8888. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see more of our stories. We’re here for you, how ever you need us.