We understand that the adoption process can seem overwhelming. There are so many steps, a lot of paperwork, and of course, many emotions. So if you’re considering making an adoption plan, you need someone who knows all about it to help guide you through it. Learn more about the adoption process in Baton Rouge with St. Elizabeth Foundation

As A Birth Mother, You’re The One In Control 

Do you have an unplanned pregnancy? Then you need to know that you have options. Adoption is one of those options. It’s a loving, unselfish, and empowering choice. While making your decision, St. Elizabeth’s caring staff is here to listen. And, if you do choose to make an adoption plan, we can help you through your pregnancy, birth, and afterwards. And remember, all of our services are completely free.

Choosing Adoption 

Though we’re here to help you through the adoption process, every choice is still yours to make. As the birth mother, you’re the one in control of every decision—no matter how big or small. We’ll help you with educational, financial, and emotional support at every step. We’re here to hold your hand as you make the best choice for you and your baby’s future. YOU are the one in charge. 

You choose the family that will parent your baby. 

St. Elizabeth Foundation screens all prospective adopting parents. We make sure every single couple can provide your baby with a safe and loving home. All of our couples have been married for at least five years. That means your baby will have two parents—a caring mother AND a present father. All of these parents fill out a formal application for our staff to review. Then, they go through a lengthy home study process and background checks. Additionally, we make sure they’re emotionally stable and have a strong relationship. We also discuss their parenting philosophy. 

You choose the type of adoption.

Once you select a family, the next step in the adoption process is choosing the type of adoption. St. Elizabeth works with attorneys. They help determine and finalize your rights and the birth parents’ rights. There are three types of adoptions in Louisiana: open, semi-open, and closed. The state of Louisiana is a closed adoption state. They only recognize the adoption as “closed”. The agency is the one that makes it semi-open or open.

  • Open adoptions mean birth parents and adoptive families communicate directly with each other. These can be scheduled meetings, phone calls, or letters. Open adoptions are the most common and regarded as being the most beneficial. 
  • Semi-open adoptions mean an adoption agency facilitates communication. Through the agency, birth parents and adoptive families share information and arrange meetings. 
  • Closed adoptions mean the adoptive family and the birth parents do not communicate at all. Their identities are sealed in court records. 

While St. Elizabeth Foundation specializes in open adoptions, we can help you, whatever your preference. Because remember, YOU are the one in charge.  

Do You Have Questions About The Adoption Process in Baton Rouge?

Whatever your decision, we want you to feel good about it. Part of feeling good about your decision is getting all of your questions answered. Get in touch with us by calling 225-769-8888 or contacting us online. We’re here for you.