As your chosen adoption agency, we’re here to help you when you need us. One concern that many parents and mothers face is transracial adoption. Especially now, these can feel like hot topics, causing many to question if it’s a good idea or not. However, as adoption professionals, we’re here to help you understand how these situations work. If you’re going through an unwanted pregnancy or want to adopt, see how our adoption agency can help you.

For Birth Mothers

We can understand if you have any concerns about transracial adoption. Even if this is an unwanted pregnancy, it’s natural to want the best for your child. But, at St. Elizabeth Foundation, we design our adoption process with your interests in mind. 

Louisiana is a closed-adoption state. But with the help of St. Elizabeth, we can also offer open and semi-open adoptions. This is a perfect option for those who are concerned about their child being adopted by someone belonging to another race and want to preserve their heritage. Do yourself a favor and begin the process with St. Elizabeth. We’re more than happy to help you navigate this process and make it easier for you through your pregnancy.

For Adoptive Parents

There are a number of challenges that come with adoption, no matter if you adopt a child who shares your race or is a completely different one. Being a different race just brings up a different set of hurdles. But when you go in eyes open, it’s easier to navigate this life for both you and your child.

One tip we will give is to learn how to care for specific needs that certain races have. A big one is hair. You may be surprised, but people of different races have different types of hair. And every type has its own unique needs. So, for example, if you and your spouse are white and are planning on adopting an African American child, you don’t want their hair to look unkempt and frizzy. It’s best to do your research or even ask professionals to teach you. 

Continuing, it’s also important to not racially isolate your child as they grow. Some individuals who grew up racially isolated felt that they had a fractured identity and had to overcome and learn the background they didn’t know they had. 

Issues like these can be addressed with an open mind and an inclusive attitude. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have before jumping into the adoption process. 

An Unwanted Pregnancy Is a Chance for Adoption

If you’re going through an unwanted pregnancy, there’s always the chance to choose adoption. Begin the process today by getting in touch with us at or by calling 225-769-8888. One of our members of staff will be more than happy to begin the process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Let’s find the best situation for you and your child.