6 Steps to Place a Baby for Adoption in Lafayette

An unexpected pregnancy can be challenging, and choosing the right path forward can be even more difficult. At the St. Elizabeth Foundation in Baton Rouge, we know that processing the emotions of an unplanned pregnancy isn’t easy, and choosing to place your baby for adoption can be an extremely hard decision. But we are here to support you throughout the entire process and make sure that you know what lies before you every step of the way. If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and don’t know what your next steps should be, don’t worry. These six steps can help you begin the adoption process in Lafayette.

1. Choose an Adoption Agency

After an unplanned pregnancy, you must first work through the choices ahead of you. And if you choose to place your baby for adoption in Lafayette, working with an established adoption agency can help to alleviate the stress of your situation. The professionals at these agencies, like St. Elizabeth’s in Baton Rouge, handle your pregnancy and concerns with the utmost sensitivity. From helping you cope with an unexpected pregnancy to making sure you understand all of your opportunities, an agency can remind you that you are not alone in what may feel like a chaotic circumstance.

2. Work Through Counseling

After reaching out to St. Elizabeth’s, we begin with counseling. This is a core part of the adoption process in Lafayette and the surrounding areas. Counseling works through multiple facets of your adoption journey, from navigating the emotional ups and downs of the process to working through the logistics of adoption. Our professionally trained counselors discuss what you can expect after choosing to place your baby for adoption. And while we guide you through the different decisions ahead of you, every final say is left up to your discretion.

3. Choose the Adoptive Family

Our adoption agency is proud to empower birth mothers. From choosing the openness of adoption to choosing the adopting parents, every major decision is in the birth mother’s control. At St. Elizabeth, we connect you with adoptive families who have been married for at least five years. These couples may have struggled with infertility, or they may be seeking to grow their family through adoption. Take your time going through each couple’s profile book to get to know their story and heart. Once you have decided which family is the right match for your baby and whether you would prefer an open, semi-open, or closed adoption, it’s time to plan for your delivery.

4. Discover Pregnancy and Delivery Assistance

It’s no mystery that pregnancy and delivery are expensive processes. And depending on the circumstances of your pregnancy, you may be facing them on your own. Find emotional and monetary support with the St. Elizabeth Foundation! We assist with lessening financial burdens, including medical, legal, living, and counseling costs. We are also present to help with delivery and finalizing your adoption plan when the time comes.

5. Finalize the Adoption

Once your baby is born, it is time to enter the final steps of your adoption journey in Lafayette. If you opt for a closed adoption, we handle the details of placing your baby with the adopting family you have chosen without any contact. Or in the case of open or semi-open adoption, we help build the bridge between you and the family. This can allow you to stay in touch with your baby even after they have been placed. Our caring professionals at St. Elizabeth’s help you determine the right decision for you!

6. Finish With Post-Placement Counseling

Once the adoption has been completed, we know that the journey isn’t over. Many emotions still linger after finalizing your adoption, and the St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to help you process them. With post-placement counseling, we help you grapple with positive and negative emotions. And, we let you know that even though your adoption process has closed, you can always find a family and support system through our adoption agency.

Choose Adoption in Lafayette With the Help of St. Elizabeth’s!

At the St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand that choosing to place your child for adoption is an act of love. And we are dedicated to offering the same love to our birth mothers throughout their adoption journey. If you are searching for adoption solutions in Lafayette, let our caring staff tell you more about our process. Reach out by phone at 225-769-8888 or by email through our website. We would love to encourage you throughout this process and help you determine the best options for you.

How Does Private Adoption Work in Louisiana?

Adoption can feel like a complicated process, especially when you’re first getting into it. However, it doesn’t have to be. With the right professionals, you can find the answers you need to complete your family. But how does private adoption work in Louisiana in the first place? Let’s go through the laws and the different processes to see how the professionals at St. Elizabeth Foundation can help you. 

Louisiana Laws

Adoption laws vary from state to state. In the state of Louisiana, there are a few requirements to meet. To become an adoptive parent in Louisiana, you must be at least 18 years old. You may adopt if you’re a single person, but married couples must petition jointly. You must also be able to prove your citizenship or legal alien status, stable income, sufficient physical and mental health for child care, and completion of adoptive parent training. Additionally, your home must also meet a certain set of requirements. This includes having a working telephone, working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, restricted areas for aggressive animals, and a secure place for hazardous chemicals or weapons. 

In addition to these laws, our agency has its own requirements for adoptive parents. The couple must be married for at least five years to be eligible to adopt through St. Elizabeth Foundation, for example.

It is also important to note that in Louisiana, a birth mother may give her consent to adoption up to three days after the child is born through an agency or five days after the child is born if it’s a private adoption. If all of this is confusing or if you would like to know more, feel free to give us a call. We’re more than happy to explain the process.

Open vs. Semi-Open vs. Closed Adoption

If you’re new to the world of adoption, you may have an idea of what the process looks like already. However, there’s not just one way that adoptions can work. You have open, closed, and semi-open adoptions available to you. Depending on the state, only private adoption agencies can provide open adoptions. Let’s discuss the different types at our Louisiana adoption agency and see which one could work for your family.

Open adoption is the most common type of adoption these days. In this process, the expecting mother and the adopting parents are in close contact and communication with one another throughout the pregnancy and through the child’s life. 

On the other hand, if you aren’t sure how to navigate this process but want to keep in contact, semi-open adoption may be the best option. With this, St. Elizabeth Foundation helps facilitate better communication between the birth parents and adoptive families. Our agency specializes in semi-open adoptions. A majority of our adoptions are semi-open and give people the confidence that we’ll handle everyone’s boundaries professionally. 

Lastly, closed adoptions might be the best choice for those who don’t want any contact between the two parties after placement. For a closed adoption, the birth mother chooses the adoptive family from their family profile book, just as she would with open and semi-open adoptions. The family profile books all have the same limited information. She also can meet the family before the baby is born and communicate with them as much or little as she likes. The main difference in this plan is what happens after the child is born and placement occurs. 

If you still aren’t sure what choice is right for you, feel free to give us a call. We can discuss more about the process and about how private adoption works in Louisiana. 

Considering Private Adoption in Louisiana? Choose St. Elizabeth

When you’re ready to begin the process, you need an agency that’s on your side. Luckily, no matter if you’re expecting or are a family looking to adopt, St. Elizabeth Foundation is on your side. Get in touch with our private adoption agency in Louisiana and trust us to get everything sailing smoothly for you.

If you have a question or are looking to begin the process, reach us by calling 225-769-8888. We would love to answer any questions you have for us to ensure you start your family worry-free.

How to Prepare Your Baton Rouge Home for Adoption

One of the major steps of the adoption process through the St. Elizabeth Foundation is a thorough home study. A social worker will interview the adoptive parents in their home. And, they will inspect the home to ensure that it is appropriate for a new child. How can you make sure that your home is prepared for inspection? Here are some tips from our Baton Rouge adoption agency to help you get ready for your home study.

Make Sure All Alarms Are in Working Order

A representative from our Baton Rouge adoption agency is going to inspect your home for any possible safety hazards. This includes making sure that your fire alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) monitors are functioning! If a fire breaks out in your home, you should have preventative measures and emergency planning in place to keep your family safe. In addition to a working fire alarm, you should also have an extinguisher on hand in case of an emergency. And, have an escape plan that you can tell a social worker should a fire or other disasters strike your home. 

Keep Toxic or Dangerous Products Out of Reach

Children are curious, even in infancy! Whether your baby is crawling or walking, you want to make sure that any harmful items are kept away from searching hands. Store cleaners and chemicals in child-locked cabinets or up on shelves. Make sure that plants within reach are not poisonous and don’t have sharp edges. And, when in doubt, childproof rooms and table edges to ensure that your child stays safe as they roam.

Train or Secure Animals for the Child’s Arrival

Animals must adjust to new family members just as parents and siblings do. If your animals don’t do well around strangers, it’s essential to find ways to slowly and carefully introduce them to your new child. Bring items with the child’s scent on them, like a pair of socks or a blanket, to your pet for an initial introduction. But, don’t use this as your main means of contact. Make sure that your pet is leashed, and keep your baby secure in your arms to protect them from any unexpected aggression. Keep interactions slow and supervised, and use pet gates or crates as safety barriers between the baby and pet as needed.

Check Fences and Window Screens

If you are going to have a child playing in your yard or inside your house, it is important to make sure that all protective barriers are working and in place. Fences and window screens can be utilized to prevent children from getting too close to dangerous areas of the home. This is especially necessary to keep children from accessing stairs, pushing through windows, or wandering near outdoor pools. Check the stability of your current fences and screens, and purchase child gates to segment child-safe areas within your home.

Keep Things Clean!

Before our Baton Rouge adoption agency visits your home to perform your mandatory home study, make sure to clean your house! This may sound self-explanatory, but a neat home speaks volumes to an agency. While a little dust won’t make or break your home study, make sure that trash, safety hazards, and obstacles are thrown out or put away. And, make sure that the room the child will be staying in is clean, organized, and ready for when they arrive.

Begin Your Baton Rouge Adoption Today

Have you been considering adoption? At the St. Elizabeth Foundation, we are passionate about supporting birth mothers and connecting newborns to loving adoptive families. No matter if you are looking for solutions to an unexpected pregnancy or are interested in bringing a child into your home, our experts can help with counseling and thorough preparation. Give us a call at 225-769-8888, or send us a message online! We are excited to share more information with you and help you begin your adoption journey.

Unwanted Pregnancy? Don’t Worry. Adoption May Be the Answer

Things can get pretty scary when you suddenly have an unwanted pregnancy on top of the other things you’re going through in your life. It’s easy to panic and not know what to do next. After all, you’re not prepared, you may be in a difficult situation, or you may be afraid and confused. However, you do have choices available to you. If you have an unwanted pregnancy, our adoption agency is here to help. Take a look at what we can do for you at St. Elizabeth Foundation, and contact us as soon as possible. 

How Adoption Works With Our Agency

When it comes to communication with an agency like ours, adoption works in three different ways. Specifically: open, semi-open, and closed adoptions.

  • Open adoptions. In an open adoption, birth parents and the adoptive family have direct contact with each other. Together, they make choices for the child’s life and can stay in touch in a variety of ways.
  • Semi-open adoptions. In these types of adoptions, participants may find it difficult to communicate with each other, but the birth mother or parents still want to be in the child’s life. So, leave it up to our professionals. We can be in-between both parties to ensure that each side is comfortable and communicating effectively. 
  • Closed adoptions. Perhaps the birth mother wants no communication with the child after it’s born. That’s understandable, and we can make that happen. A closed adoption might be the best choice for you, and this means that there is no contact between you and the adoptive family after placement. As the birth mother, you can choose to send medical information, but the rest of your information remains confidential.

Unsure which is right for your needs? Talk to us for more information and counseling services.

What We Do For the Mother

One of the reasons that some mothers try to avoid adoption agencies is because they are afraid of potential misuse that may come from the agency itself. However, we are aware and are crystal clear about the fact that there are two parts to every adoption. Meaning, we see the expectant mother as just as important as the awaiting new parents. So, how do we help these mothers?

The first step is reaching out to us. For some, this is the hardest stuff. But once you do, one of our counselors is happy to talk with you about your options. Maybe adoption isn’t the right choice for you and your needs. But some need help sorting through the panic to see that. 

If adoption is what you choose, it’s then time to choose a family. And, because you’re in control every step of the way, you get to choose from the families available and if the adoption going forward is going to be open, semi-open, or closed. As things continue, we’re here to provide agency assistance to help with your medical, legal, living, and counseling costs. Even when the birth is all said and done, we can continue to assist you for 45 days. Talk to us to see what we can do.

If You Have an Unwanted Pregnancy, Let Our Adoption Agency Help

We understand that having an unwanted pregnancy can be a terrifying situation. However, you have to remember that you have options. Adoption is only one of those options available to you. If you are unsure about where you need to go next, get in contact with our professionals. Even if adoption isn’t for you in the end, perhaps we can help you discover what choice you need to make next.

If you have any questions for us or want to take the next steps, get in contact with our adoption agency. You can reach us by calling 225-769-8888 or message us through our website. We’re ready to help you make the right choice for you and your needs. 

What Are the Benefits of Adoption in Louisiana?

Whether you are a birth mother facing an unexpected pregnancy or a couple dreaming of growing your own family, you can find many benefits of adoption in Louisiana. At the St. Elizabeth Foundation, we build bridges between mothers and adopting families to not only positively impact their lives but also create opportunities for the child. But what are the benefits of adoption that lay before you with our agency in Louisiana? Here is what you can discover at St. Elizabeth’s.

Benefits for the Birth Mother

Choosing to place your baby for adoption is a huge decision that, for many, can be one of the hardest they may have yet faced in life. The timing of the pregnancy may not align with the birth mother’s life goals. Or, their home and financial situation may not be suitable for raising a child. By choosing adoption, birth mothers or birth parents can give the child greater opportunities in a loving, supportive environment. And if the biological mother chooses an open or semi-open adoption, she can continue to have a connection with her child even after the adoption process is complete. For the birth mother, adoption allows her to do what’s best for her future while still giving her child what’s best for theirs.

Benefits for the Adopting Family

For some married couples, having biological children may not be an option. Fertility issues and other health concerns may prevent a safe birth or the ability to become pregnant at all. Or for other couples, they may want to expand their family through adoption. With the benefits of the adoption process in Louisiana, adoptive families can connect with young mothers or couples. These parents can introduce a child into their home and also build a compassionate relationship with the birth mother or parents. These hopeful parents can cultivate a safe, stable, and loving home for their new baby and enjoy the amazing experience of parenthood.  

Benefits for the Baby

The benefits of adoption don’t end with the birth parents and adopting families searching for a child in Louisiana. Adopted children can gain access to a stable home through the process. This is not to say that they would not have been loved by their birth parents. But in many adoption cases, the biological parents do not have the means to support their child. Through adoption, the baby has a wider range of opportunities, including growing up in a financially stable household with two loving parents present. This can lead to improved physical and emotional health, greater education opportunities, better performance in school, and enhanced social development.

Discover the Benefits of Adoption at St. Elizabeth’s in Louisiana

No matter if you are a birth mother looking for options for your child or parents searching for an opportunity to grow your family, you can find the amazing benefits of adoption in Louisiana. Give us a call at 225-769-8888 to speak with our caring staff about our adoption process. Or if you would prefer to reach us online, send us a message through our website and we will respond as soon as possible. At St. Elizabeth’s, we know choosing adoption is a brave and selfless act of love. And we are dedicated to providing the care and support you need throughout the process. Start your journey with us today!

Why You Should Contact Our Adoption Agency Near Lafayette

If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you can choose to keep your child, terminate your pregnancy, or place them for adoption. Both parenting your child and opting for abortion are permanent decisions that come with great emotional and financial consideration. With adoption through an established agency near Lafayette, you can instead connect your child to a home where they can receive the support they need. Don’t face the ups and downs of an unplanned pregnancy alone. Find help, care, and support from St. Elizabeth Foundation adoption agency near Lafayette! Are you wondering if placing your baby for adoption is the right choice for you? Here are five common reasons why birth mothers choose adoption for their children.

1. You Are Not Financially Ready for a Family

Having a baby and starting a family is expensive. In fact, raising a child to the age of 18 can cost over $230,000. While parenthood is a beautiful endeavor, it can be a large stressor if it comes when you aren’t financially ready. How can you offer your baby the best life possible? Adoption can give your child the opportunity to grow up in a household with the financial support, medical and educational access, and stability they need.  

2. You Are Too Young to Be a Mom

You may find that you are not yet ready to be a mom, especially at a young age. You may not have the time, means, or desire to take on the full-time responsibility of parenthood. Adoption can help you pursue the best outcomes for you and your baby! With our adoption agency near Lafayette, you can find a judgment-free zone for planning your adoption process and meeting prospective adoptive parents. If you opt for open or semi-open adoption, you can keep in contact with your baby and their adoptive parents while still being able to focus on your own growth.

3. You Don’t Want to Choose Abortion

It’s understandable to consider all of your options when determining what to do after an unplanned pregnancy. At St. Elizabeth’s, we make sure you know what options are available to you. Instead of jumping into a permanent decision, we urge you to consider the benefits of open, semi-open, or closed adoption types. Get in touch with us for free counseling services to understand each possibility ahead of you to find the right choice for you and your baby.

4. You Have Different Goals for Your Future

Your goals matter, and having a child may not be a part of your plan. You should be able to continue taking the steps towards reaching your goals. And at our adoption agency near Lafayette, we can help you move forward without sacrificing the well-being of your baby. Start by considering where you see your life in two years, five years, and ten years. If you do not see raising a child as a part of these objectives, let our caring workers at St. Elizabeth’s help you learn what adoption possibilities you can find.

5. You Want Your Child to Grow Up in a Two-Parent Household

As a single mother, you may wish for your child to grow up in a home with two present and supportive parents. If you face raising your child alone, choosing adoption can give your baby a future in a complete household. At St. Elizabeth’s, our adopting families consist of a mother and father who have been married for at least five years. These families are excited to introduce a baby into their homes and provide them with love, support, and care. We can help you find the right family for your child!

Work With Our Adoption Agency in Lafayette

If you would like more information on our adoption services or would like to speak with a member of our team, we would love for you to reach out to us at the St. Elizabeth Foundation. Our adoption agency is located near Lafayette in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Give us a call at 225-769-8888, or send us a message through our website. We look forward to giving you the guidance and support you need!

Unsure About Adoption in Louisiana? Read These Success Stories

Adoption is a beautiful process, but it also comes with many unknowns. For young women or couples that find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, you may not know where to turn for support. Or for parents who are yearning to grow their own families through adoption, you may be wondering how to get started with the process. Yes, the adoption journey can be stressful, but reaching the end is worth the travel. Let the encouragement of others help you get started on your own path to adoption! Read more about these inspirational success stories from the St. Elizabeth Foundation about adoption in Louisiana.

Advice For Birth Mothers

If you are not ready for parenthood, the news of pregnancy may not be a welcomed announcement. You may be a single mother navigating your options alone, or you and your partner may not be financially able to support a child. At St. Elizabeth’s, we make sure that you know every opportunity available to you. Start by reaching out to us. We educate you on the adoption process in Louisiana and counsel you on how to begin. And, we help build the bridge between you and adopting families so that you can choose the right home for your baby. We make sure that each husband and wife duo can offer a safe and loving home to a newborn. Kristy, one of our birth mothers, says that she found the match for her baby after reading her first profile book.

“​​I didn’t need to look any further. There was something about their book that completely connected with me. The second I read their profile I didn’t need to see any more. I knew. I knew that was the family.”

And remember—just because you choose to place your baby with an adopting family doesn’t mean that you are losing your relationship with them. You have the option for an open, semi-open, or closed adoption type which dictates the amount of contact you maintain with your baby and the adopting family. For birth mother Sherrard, she says that she is grateful her daughter can now experience “double the love” from her birth parents and adoptive parents. And, you have the support of the St. Elizabeth Foundation from start to finish. Rauyshiera opted for adoption after becoming pregnant at 18.

“I love them so much. They supported me 100% throughout the whole thing. Without them, I don’t know what I would have done.”

If you are searching for your best options after an unplanned pregnancy, we are here to help! You can also read more adoption stories from birth mothers to learn more about what you can expect from St. Elizabeth’s.

Advice For Adopting Families

At the St. Elizabeth Foundation, we help parents with hearts for adoption find the newest addition to their family. Some couples may be unable to conceive, and others may want to offer a child a more loving and stable home than they would have received otherwise. Terri LeBlanc, one of our board members and adoptive mothers, decided to adopt after struggles with infertility. 

“I went from thinking I was devastated to not be able to get pregnant and have my own child to, once I laid eyes on my son, that all went out the window. It was no longer important. What was important is that I was a mother.”

No matter how your story begins, St. Elizabeth’s is here with kindness, encouragement, and counseling to help you prepare your hearts and homes for welcoming your child.

With adoption at St. Elizabeth’s, families in Louisiana can connect with birth mothers within the state. Bill Avery and his wife knew that they were passionate about adoption and were ecstatic to be able to adopt close to home.

“We were blessed just to be able to do it here locally. Our oldest was born here in town and we were actually there for the birth. Our youngest was born in Hammond and we didn’t quite make the birth, but we were there 30 minutes later.”

Start your process today by reaching out to us for a formal application. We will follow up with details to begin a home study and visit. And, find more stories from adoptive families on our website.

Start Your Adoption in Louisiana Today

Whether you are a birth mother looking for options for your baby or a family interested in adoption, you can find solutions at the St. Elizabeth Foundation in Louisiana. Get in touch with us today to learn more! Call us at 225-769-8888, or send us a message online. Our helpful staff will be in touch with you shortly to help you determine your next steps.

Interested in a Louisiana Adoption? Start Here

Are you a couple who has considered adoption or may be ready to begin your adoption journey? If you are interested in starting the adoption process in Louisiana, let the St. Elizabeth Foundation help answer any questions you have before you begin. There are many factors to consider when adopting a newborn, but these three questions are fantastic starting points. Your answers can help establish your purpose for adoption and better prepare you before beginning the process.

1. Why Do We Want to Adopt?

This question is the foundation of your decision. What reasons do you have for bringing a new child into your home? You may want to provide a child a healthier, more stable home that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. In addition to wanting children of your own, you may want to also change the life of the birth mother or parents by extending care and compassion to them. Moreover, if your family cannot have biological children, you may still feel the call to be a parent. However, this question urges you to reflect on your “why.” Your answer will help drive you through the ups and downs of the adoption process and keep you focused on your end goal: to expand your family and welcome a new child into your life.

2. Is Anything Holding Us Back From Adoption?

We want you to be excited about your decision to adopt! You are taking the step in growing your family and providing a home to a new child. But, this also means that you should be fully prepared to welcome the child, both physically and emotionally. At St. Elizabeth’s we’ll work through your qualifications, home study, and education with you. Beginning with a background check, medical history, and emotional counseling, we can see if you’re prepared for adoption. Next, we visit your home for an in-depth review of the environment the child will be entering. And finally, we have parents follow our educational program with other adopting families to learn more about the journey ahead of you. 

This process is meant to highlight any pain points in your process. For example, do you have medical conditions that could affect your parenting? Are you able to financially support a new member of the family? Is your home in the right condition to house a new baby? If you have lost a child or struggled with infertility, have you fully grieved the process so that you can move forward with your new child? St. Elizabeth Foundation knows that this is a vulnerable step of the process. This is where your answer to our last question comes into play. But remember what interested you in adoption in Louisiana in the first place, and focus on why you have decided to pursue adoption. And don’t forget that this step helps you cultivate the best environment for successful adoption! 

3. Are We Prepared to Maintain Contact With the Birth Mother?

At the St. Elizabeth Foundation, we respect our birth mothers for the selfless decision to place their babies for adoption. We offer guidance and care throughout the birth and adoption, but we give her full control in the decision-making process. She has the option to choose an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. At our adoption agency, we specialize in semi-open adoptions. This means that after the baby is born and the adoption is finalized, we mediate communication between the birth mother and your family through cards, phone calls, personal visits, and more. No matter which type of adoption the birth mother decides on, it is important that you are prepared to respect her choice.

If You are Interested in Adoption in Louisiana, Get Started With St. Elizabeth’s

Once you have cemented your answers to these questions, it is time to begin your application process. If you are interested in learning more about the adoption process or our Louisiana agency, we are here to help! Reach out to us at 225-769-8888, or send us a message with your questions. We look forward to helping you find answers and beginning the adoption process.

Find Parents to Adopt Your Child Near New Orleans

Are you an expectant mother in New Orleans trying to find parents to adopt your child? Figuring out your options while juggling the news of an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming. Find help and adoptive parents at the St. Elizabeth Foundation! We’ll help you understand every option ahead of you and offer free counseling to determine the best choice for you and your baby. While we know that adoption can be a tough decision, our agency is dedicated to making the process as stress-free as possible. Let us connect you with adopting parents to find the right home for your child!

How St. Elizabeth’s Helps You Find Parents Near New Orleans to Adopt Your Child

Adoption is not always easy. Many emotions can tangle into the process, like fear, anger, and guilt. You may worry that choosing adoption could strain your future relationship with your child. Maybe you feel angry about your pregnancy or guilty for wanting to “give up” your child. When you add the challenge of finding a safe, healthy family to adopt your baby, you may feel like the weight of the decision is too much to carry. At the St. Elizabeth Foundation, we make sure that you are supported and cared for every step of the way. And, we help to take the weight off your shoulders. This is why we want you to remember this: You have options ahead of you. You are in control of your decisions and your adoption. And finally, you are so much stronger than you may currently believe.

It all starts with reaching out. Get in touch with us at St. Elizabeth’s and connect with one of our counselors. They can help guide you through making an adoption plan. Next, it’s time to choose a family. Don’t worry—you don’t have to find parents to adopt your child on your own. We have a library of adoptive families who are eager to bring a newborn into their home. Read their adoption profiles, get to know their faces, and determine who you deem right for your baby. You can also decide if you want an open, closed, or semi-open adoption to determine how much contact you keep with your baby and the adoptive parents following the birth. 

You Are in Control

You are also in control of your pregnancy and delivery, with St. Elizabeth’s available to help along the way with finances. After your baby is born, it’s time to finalize the adoption. If you choose an open adoption, we can help moderate meetings for you, your child, and the adoptive family. Once the adoption process is complete, we are still available for post-placement counseling to help navigate the complex feelings that come with each stage of your adoption. In a city as large as New Orleans, it can be difficult to find the right parents to adopt your child—but not with the help of St. Elizabeth’s. We can help you work through the adoption process and find the perfect placement for your baby!

Find Options for Adoption at the St. Elizabeth Foundation

Don’t face the adoption process alone. Find compassionate care at the St. Elizabeth Foundation! Whether you are an expectant mother searching for parents to adopt your child or you are a couple looking to adopt, St. Elizabeth’s is ready to help you make the connections you need. Give us a call today at 225-769-8888, or send us a message to learn more about our agency and the assistance we can provide. Birth mothers are our priority, and we look forward to helping you however we can.

How to Adopt a Baby in Louisiana

Since 1988, St. Elizabeth Foundation has been opening doors, arms, and hearts to expectant mothers caught in the middle of unplanned pregnancies. We are passionate about breaking stigmas against these mothers and helping them find positive solutions for themselves and their babies. That is exactly how we have been able to bring about over 600 loving adoptions in the state of Louisiana! If you are wondering how to adopt in Louisiana, St. Elizabeth’s can help step you through the process. Here is what to expect when adopting through our trusted agency.

Make Sure You Qualify

The first step to our adoption process is to ensure that you qualify for adoption. St. Elizabeth Foundation requires that all adopting couples have been married for at least five years before adoption. We want all infant adoptions to be introduced to a loving, stable household. This is why it is important to know that the couple is already functioning as a lasting family unit. 

Complete a Formal Application

Once we have made sure that you qualify, it is time to fill out your adoption application. This application will let us know the necessary information needed to continue your adoption process, like your education, employment, family background, and medical history. Our team will thoroughly review your application. Please be aware that this step can take time as we want to make sure every detail in your application is in place. Once reviewed and approved, we can then move on to the home study process. 

Undergo a Home Study Process

The home study portion of your application process is incredibly important. A social worker will visit your home to see that it is fit for housing your new child. They will take note of fire hazards, aggressive animals, and any factors that could be a danger to the baby. You will also go through a detailed emotional evaluation with your social worker. This will cover your relationship with your spouse as well as your parenting plan. It is a highly vulnerable part of the adoption process, but know it is essential to creating a safe, healthy home environment.

Follow Our Education Program

Pre-parenthood adoption classes help to better prepare adoptive parents for what to expect. Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses within your marital relationship as well as what influences your decisions and actions. This can help you to become a stronger family unit before finalizing your adoption. You will also learn the different types of adoption, how to communicate with the birth mother, and connect with other adopting families to create a support system.

Be Chosen By a Birth Mother

Next, the couple will create a family profile book to be viewed by the birth mother. Make sure you put time and dedication into this! Use this space to introduce mothers to your family, goals, personalities, and hobbies. Show them why you can be the right home for their baby. The birth mother or parents will go through these profiles, determine the perfect match for their child, and then connect with you.

Iron Out Legalities

There are three types of adoptions: open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. These determine the amount of communication the birth mother has with her child and the adopting family. At St. Elizabeth’s we leave this decision in the hands of the birth mother. We help to step you through the legal rights available for both parties so that you can better understand your adoption. 

Finalize Your Adoption

Now, you have made it to the last step of the adoption process: finalizing. Once the above steps have been completed and the birth mother has chosen you as the adoptive parents for her baby, St. Elizabeth’s will help you to finish your adoption. This includes navigating court processes. In the case of open adoption, we will also aid in establishing meetings between you and the birth parents. 

Begin the Adoption Process at St. Elizabeth’s

The adoption process can be a long one, but St. Elizabeth Foundation helps to make it as simple as possible. If you are ready for adoption, contact us today! You can call us at 225-769-8888, or send us a message to learn more. We look forward to helping you start your process.