Open adoption offers many benefits for both birth mothers and adoptive families alike. For birth mothers or couples who aren’t ready for parenthood, you can trust that your baby will be placed into a loving and stable home. For adopting families, you can grow your family by welcoming a beautiful baby into your home. But how do open adoptions affect the adoptees themselves? Learn how open adoption near Monroe through St. Elizabeth Foundation can have a positive impact on adopted children.

Adoptees Can Develop Relationships With Their Birth Family

For birth mothers and adoptive families considering adoption near Monroe, open adoption allows your child to know both sets of their parents. In an open adoption, children can grow in an environment with knowledge of their birth family and why the adoption took place. This can have a direct influence on your child’s behavior, mental health, and well-being.

Rather than being unaware of their adoption or having no contact with their birth family, children in open adoptions have no barriers to communication with their birth families. In fact, this study has shown that adoptees aged 18 to 23 preferred knowing of their adoption over not being told. And with this openness, adoptees often develop greater comfort in communicating with both their birth parents and adoptive family.

Open Adoption Can Benefit the Adoptee’s Emotional Health

Adopted children need to have plenty of support as they develop. As they grow older, they may have many questions regarding their adoption and their birth family. Or, they may desire a bond with both their biological family as well as their adoptive family. Through open adoption, children have access to an extended support system. 

A study conducted by the Minnesota Texas Adoption Research Project showed that 84% of adoptees with open contact and communication with birth parents through open adoptions were highly satisfied with this connection. Children can develop bonds with their two sets of parents as well as biological and adoptive siblings and extended family. This fosters a stronger sense of identity and belonging. And, it gives adopted children even more people to love and be loved by. 

Adopted Children Can Learn About Their Family and Medical Background

Many adopted children have questions about their adoption. Open adoption allows both sets of parents to help their children understand the purpose behind their adoption and placement. And in the process, adoptees can learn about their family history and strengthen their relationship with both sets of parents. 

Relationships with their birth family and conversations with their adoptive family can foster pride in their cultural background and family history. And, this can even shine light on possible genetic health concerns. This connection can help a child develop a greater sense of self. And, they can better understand their health and feel supported by both families.

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