What do you do after the news of an unplanned pregnancy? You may worry that your options are limited. Luckily, you have many possibilities ahead of you aside from abortion. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we empower you to make the best decision for you and your baby, from raising your baby to placing them with loving guardians or adoptive parents. Let us explain three abortion alternatives to help you find the right option for you.

1. Parenting

Choosing to parent your baby is one of several positive abortion alternatives. Depending on your circumstances, you may be the sole caregiver of your baby or you may choose to co-parent with the baby’s father. While the initial news of an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, you may be open to the idea of motherhood. With the support of friends, family, and counseling services, choosing the path of single parenthood can become less daunting. And if you choose to co-parent with the baby’s father, you can share the experience of raising your baby together.

Are you unsure if you are ready to take on parenthood? At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we offer free counseling services for expectant mothers in the midst of unplanned pregnancies. Speak with one of our trained counselors in a safe and loving environment to discuss parenthood and other placement options.

2. Legal Guardianship

If you are not ready to parent your baby but would like to remain in contact with them, you may be able to place your baby into legal guardianship. This role is typically fulfilled by a close friend or family member who agrees to take on legal custody. This guardian raises your child until you are able to regain custody. While they are in the care of this guardian, you have the opportunity to visit and discuss major decisions for your child, like schooling and healthcare.

Many circumstances may keep you from being able to parent your baby after learning of an unplanned pregnancy. Financial issues, health concerns, legal matters, and more may need to be resolved before you can accept full custody of your child. Choosing legal guardianship can bridge the period until you are ready. 

However, legal guardianship may come with its own challenges. This can place strain on your relationship with the chosen guardian. And, you may face opposing views on parenting. In addition to the struggles you may face with legal guardianship, remember that this can greatly impact your child, too. Inconsistent parenting and changes in living arrangements can be traumatic for children, especially during their developmental years. Make sure to choose your baby’s guardian wisely. 

3. Adoption

For some, parenting or legal guardianship may not be possible. Due to financial matters, family relationships, the absence of a spouse or partner, or other conflicts, you may be unable to keep your baby. Or, motherhood may not align with your goals in life. And you may wonder what other abortion alternatives are available. 

With the help of St. Elizabeth Foundation, you can begin the process of placing your baby for adoption. Through adoption, you can provide your baby with a loving home and a safe environment to grow. Like legal guardianship, adoption allows you to stay in contact with your baby, depending on the openness of your adoption. Our adoption agency specializes in open adoption, meaning that once your baby is adopted you can still keep in-person or virtual contact with them.

You have several options within the realm of adoption, as well. If you prefer a confidential adoption, St. Elizabeth Foundation can facilitate a closed adoption. This keeps your identity anonymous to the adopting families throughout the entire process. Once your baby is officially placed, no contact with your baby or the adoptive family is necessary. One of the experienced social workers at our adoption agency can help you understand each type of adoption and determine which is best for you.

Discover Abortion Alternatives With St. Elizabeth Foundation

We understand how overwhelming an unplanned pregnancy can be. Let us make sure you know all possible abortion alternatives. For counseling services and guidance on placing a child for adoption, reach out to St. Elizabeth Foundation. Start by sending us a message or calling us at 225-769-8888. Don’t feel like your options are limited! Find care, support, and solutions through our adoption agency.