Helping Families Grow: How to Find Parents Looking to Adopt in Louisiana

Bringing a child into the world is a significant decision. However,  circumstances may lead expectant mothers to consider adoption as an option. In Louisiana, St. Elizabeth Foundation is a compassionate adoption agency that supports birth mothers throughout their adoption journey. With a specialization in infant adoption, we offer a safe environment where expectant mothers can find parents looking to adopt and make the best choice for their babies. Explore how St. Elizabeth Foundation connects birth mothers with adopting families and how we support you as you develop your personalized adoption plan.

Start by Connecting with Adoptive Families

St. Elizabeth Foundation understands the importance of finding a loving and supportive family for your baby. When you are ready to find parents looking to adopt, we share comprehensive profiles of prospective adopting couples. All adoptive families have gone through an extensive vetting process, including background checks and home studies. This preparation ensures that all families listed can provide a safe, loving home for your baby. You can review family bios and learn more about the potential parents’ lives. By providing this access, our agency empowers expectant mothers to make the right choice for their baby’s future.

We Create a Safe Environment Tailored to Your Chosen Level of Openness

Privacy and security are especially important for expectant mothers considering adoption. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we provide a safe and anonymous environment where birth mothers can explore their options without revealing their identities unless they feel comfortable doing so. This potential anonymity offers a sense of security, enabling birth mothers to review potential adopting families without any pressure or obligation. Our agency facilitates open, semi-open, and closed adoptions to meet your level of comfort. Whether you want to remain fully anonymous or wish to maintain some level of communication with your baby, we can help you develop an adoption plan that meets your needs.

Select the Perfect Family for Your Baby

When evaluating potential adopting families, birth mothers have several factors to consider. St. Elizabeth Foundation encourages birth mothers to think about their own values, family traditions, and hopes for their baby’s future. By reading family bios, you can learn about the potential parents’ backgrounds, lifestyles, and goals for raising a child. Consider the couple’s faith, lifestyle, hobbies, and household. Will your baby have siblings or be raised around animals? Will the adoptive parents’ extended family play a significant role in your baby’s upbringing? St. Elizabeth Foundation will help you explore the importance of factors by offering counseling and support. This information can help you identify families that align with your values. And, this also allows you to create a solid foundation for your baby’s future in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Seek Support and Assistance

In addition to helping you find parents looking to adopt, St. Elizabeth Foundation also helps develop your adoption plan. Making an adoption plan requires support and guidance. This process includes choosing your adoptive family, the hospital for your birth, and the openness of your adoption. St. Elizabeth Foundation is committed to providing expectant mothers with necessary assistance throughout the process, including counseling and financial resources. Our caring and experienced staff are available to address any questions or concerns while giving you power over each decision.

Find Parents Looking to Adopt at St. Elizabeth Foundation

St. Elizabeth Foundation is dedicated to helping birth mothers with unplanned pregnancies make the best adoption plans for their specific situations. By providing a safe and compassionate setting to discuss your pregnancy, we give you the space and the freedom to make the best choices for your needs. If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, reach out to us for the support you need to make an informed decision about your baby’s future. Contact our agency at 225-769-8888 or message us to find parents looking to adopt and take the first step towards placing your baby into a loving home.

How Do Finances Affect My Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Louisiana?

If you are considering adoption as one of your unplanned pregnancy options in Louisiana, knowing your potential expenses is essential to making an informed decision about your future. While choosing adoption can feel overwhelming and daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Understanding how finances work throughout the process can provide clarity and security as you prepare for your adoption journey. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we know that finances can be a concern for birth mothers. This is why we are here to provide financial assistance following Louisiana laws. Learn how we provide financial and emotional support so you can go into the experience feeling safe, secure, and informed.

What Expenses Could You Face?

Another expense to consider is birth planning. As a birth mother, you may wonder how you will cover the cost of prenatal care, delivery, and postnatal care. Our agency covers these expenses, ensuring that birth mothers receive the medical care they need throughout their pregnancy and after delivery. We start by working with you to determine the birth plan that is right for you. Then, we help you access the best possible medical care so you can focus on your wellbeing and the health of your baby. We can also offer financial assistance to cover out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t covered by Medicaid or your private insurance.

Additional Financial Assistance

In addition to the care we offer at St. Elizabeth Foundation, several Louisiana funding programs may assist you. For example, the Federal Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant funds programs that can assist with primary and preventative care. Or, the Title X family planning program helps pregnant mothers access free or discounted medical care. The program helps connect participants to inclusive, high-quality, and affordable services centered around reproductive health.

How St. Elizabeth Foundation Supports Birth Mothers

As an adoption agency specializing in infant adoptions, we know that every birth mother’s situation is unique. We take pride in offering individualized support, including financial support for living, medical, legal, and counseling costs. Our goal is to remove the financial burden from birth mothers so they can focus on their health and make the best decision for their babies.

It’s important to remember that financial support is just one part of what we offer at St. Elizabeth Foundation. We also provide free counseling resources to our birth mothers before and after the adoption. During our counseling sessions, we discuss all unplanned pregnancy options available to you in Louisiana. We explain the benefits of open, semi-open, and closed adoption and help you find the right solution. Then, we work with you to map out the birth and adoption plan that is most comfortable for you.

We understand that adoption can be an emotional process, and we are committed to offering support every step of the way. Our counseling services give birth mothers a safe space to discuss their options, work through the varying emotions of adoption, and process their experience after placement.

Discover Unplanned Pregnancy Options and Invaluable Support in Louisiana

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, please know that St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to help. We understand that finances can be a concern and are prepared to offer the emotional and financial support you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us by sending a message or calling 225-769-8888. Our adoption specialists are easygoing, honest, and available when you need us. We are committed to helping pregnant women in Louisiana with their adoption journeys. With our help, you can make the best choice for your baby and your future.

The Home Study: A Guide for Parents Looking to Adopt in Louisiana

The home study is a legal requirement for parents looking to adopt a child in Louisiana. The process evaluates the prospective adoptive couple’s ability to provide a safe, loving, and stable home for a child. It involves a series of interviews, paperwork, and inspections to ensure that the home and family meet the necessary standards of care and protection. This process can seem overwhelming, but it’s essential for the safety and wellbeing of the baby who will join your family. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we help families prepare for their home study so they can confidently welcome a new baby into their home. Here is everything parents looking to adopt in Louisiana need to know about the home study process, broken down into three stages.

Stage 1: Documentation

The first stage of the home study process involves filing paperwork and sharing background information with a home study provider. Parents must provide references, criminal background checks, medical records, and more. This information is used to determine eligibility for adoption. Our agency will also provide you with a list of documents you must gather for your file. Be sure to keep track of what you’ve submitted and what you still need to provide.

Stage 2: The Inspection

In this stage, a licensed social worker will visit your home to evaluate its physical condition, safety features, and cleanliness. They will ensure that the home meets state regulations and standards for child care, including verifying that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working and that all dangerous materials are stored properly. The inspection also includes evaluating the home’s suitability for the baby, such as the availability of a bedroom, play area, and the overall environment for the baby’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Stage 3: Interviews

The final stage of the home study process is the interview stage. In this stage, immediate family members will be interviewed to gather information about the emotional health of the environment. They will also interview you and your partner to assess your parenting ability and how you plan to raise your baby. The home study professional will also ask about your family’s support system. This is an opportunity to show your excitement for adoption and dedication to providing a loving home for your new baby.

Tips to Prepare for the Home Study

Preparing for the home study can be daunting, but here are some tips to help you prepare.

  • Start early. The home study process can take several months, so start gathering your paperwork as soon as possible.
  • Declutter. Keep your home tidy and organized to make a good impression on the licensed social worker conducting your study.
  • Be honest. Don’t try to hide anything during the home study. The purpose of this study is to help you create a safe and healthy environment for your baby.
  • Take care of pets. Ensure your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations and their behavior is safe around children.

Parents looking to adopt in Louisiana can find more ways to prepare for their home study and adoption in this blog.

Home Study Checklist

Following a checklist can make the home study process more manageable. Here are some essential steps to check off your list before your home study.

  • Make sure all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working correctly.
  • Cover all electrical outlets with safety covers.
  • Secure any loose cords, wires, rugs, or carpeting.
  • Install baby gates by stairways or other areas where a child could fall.
  • Lock up any weapons or firearms.
  • Keep cleaning supplies and medications in child-proofed cabinets.
  • Store any poisonous plants or chemicals out of reach.
  • Remove any hazardous objects from the home.
  • Ensure that there is adequate space for a new baby.

Completing these tasks will help ensure your home is safe and prepared for the home study.

Parents Looking to Adopt in Louisiana Can Begin at St. Elizabeth Foundation

Adopting a baby is a beautiful decision, and the home study is an essential part of the process. Following these tips and being prepared can make the home study go smoothly. If you’re ready to start your adoption journey, contact St. Elizabeth Foundation to learn more about our services. We’re here to support you every step of the way. Call us at 225-769-8888 or send us a message. Our staff would love to explain our adoption process and help you begin your application.

Options for Unplanned Pregnancy: Why Adoption Is a Positive Choice

Finding out about an unplanned pregnancy can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. It’s understandable if you feel anxious, scared, or unsure about what to do next. But know that you are not alone, and options for an unplanned pregnancy are available near Lafayette, LA. One of those options is adoption. 

Adoption can be a positive choice for you and your baby, allowing you to provide them with a loving and stable home. It can also give you the opportunity to pursue your goals if you aren’t ready for parenthood. Are you considering adoption as one of your options for an unplanned pregnancy? Here’s what you can find through St. Elizabeth Foundation.

You Have Control of Your Adoption

If you choose to place your baby for adoption, you have complete control over every decision throughout the process. For example, choosing an open or closed adoption determines the amount of contact you will keep with your baby and their adoptive family. These considerations also include choosing the placement family for your baby and deciding on your birth plan. Your choices ensure your baby receives the care and love you want for them.

While these choices are not easy, it’s important to take your time and explore all options before deciding. But whatever you choose, know there are people who care about you and want to support you along the way. Our professional counselors can help empower you as you make decisions for yourself and your baby.

What to Expect

The first step in discovering your adoption options for your unplanned pregnancy is to reach out to St. Elizabeth Foundation, located near Lafayette, LA. If you aren’t sure if adoption is the right choice for you, don’t worry. We make sure that you understand every option available to you so that you can make the most informed decision. Work with our caring team of counselors to choose your best option. Then, we will begin discussing your adoption plan.

If you choose to move forward with your adoption, we will connect you with profiles of adopting families. These profiles allow you to learn about each potential placement family before meeting in person. Learn about the adopting couple, their family and traditions, and why they are passionate about adoption. After reviewing these profiles, you can choose the best match for your baby.

Next, it’s time to discuss your birth plan. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we can provide pregnancy assistance, including medical, legal, living, and financial support. We also help develop a labor and delivery plan that is most comfortable for you. After the birth of your baby, we finalize every detail of your placement. If you choose an open or semi-open adoption, our agency will help mediate communication between you and the adoptive family. And remember—even after your placement, our counselors are available for emotional support.

Discover Positive Options for Unplanned Pregnancy Near Lafayette, LA

If you are considering adoption as one of your options for an unplanned pregnancy, St. Elizabeth Foundation can help. Our adoption agency, located near Lafayette, LA, specializes in newborn adoptions. We work with mothers throughout Louisiana to help them find placements for their babies through open, closed, or semi-open adoptions. Give us a call at 225-769-8888 or send us a message. Whether you are ready to begin the adoption process or are still researching options, our team is here to help!

Finding Support During and After the Adoption Process

Placing your baby for adoption in Baton Rouge is a selfless decision that celebrates life and connection, regardless of the circumstances. As you go through this journey, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed. However, know that support is available through St. Elizabeth Foundation to help guide you through the adoption process! Our kind and compassionate counselors help you understand your options, develop your birth plan, and find comfort after the process is finalized. Learn how our services and local support groups can help, even after your adoption is complete.

Get Guidance and Support From St. Elizabeth Foundation

Counseling from St. Elizabeth Foundation can be incredibly helpful for mothers who are considering adoption in Baton Rouge or have already placed their babies. We give you space to process your emotions and discuss concerns in a non-judgmental space. In addition, we can help you choose the type of your adoption and create your adoption plan. Our counseling services also offer practical assistance. For example, we can provide resources for medical care, transportation, or financial aid. 

It’s important to note that pre- and post-placement counseling at St. Elizabeth Foundation is free for birth mothers. You can access professional support and guidance without worrying about the cost of counseling services. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex emotions that can come with adoption. We help you make informed decisions and feel empowered throughout the adoption process.

Connect With Local Support Groups

In addition to St. Elizabeth’s counseling services, we encourage you to seek emotional and social support from trusted sources. Consider joining a local support group. Or, speak with loved ones, especially when you feel isolated or unsure of what to do next. 

Local support groups provide an opportunity to connect with other mothers who have shared similar experiences. You can share your feelings and experiences in a safe environment. And, you can receive support from those who empathize with your adoption journey. Through this support group, you can find comfort, validation, and understanding before and after your placement.

In addition to attending these support groups, you can craft your own support network with trusted friends and family. These loved ones can offer a listening ear as you process your emotions. And, they can even assist when it comes time for your birth. They can help with travel, meal preparation, and more to alleviate stress. However, not everyone is equipped to provide the understanding you need. Make sure to choose loved ones who respect your decisions so that you can receive the best support possible.

Find Adoption Assistance in Baton Rouge

You don’t have to go through your adoption alone. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand that deciding to place your baby for adoption can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. We want to support you every step of the way, from providing counseling to connecting you with outside resources, including local support groups. We would love to speak with you if you are searching for a supportive adoption agency in Baton Rouge. Call 225-769-8888 or send us a message. We’re here to give you the guidance you need!

How to Talk to Others About Your Adoption Experience

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand that placing a baby for adoption can be a complex and emotional decision for birth mothers. As a birth mother, knowing that your adoption story is valuable is important. By sharing your account, you can provide hope, support, and encouragement to others considering adoption in New Orleans. Here are some tips and guidance that may help you start sharing your adoption experience with others.

Start by Talking With People You Trust

It can be challenging to share personal experiences with others, especially those who may not understand the nuances of adoption. Begin by sharing your story with those you trust and feel comfortable with, such as close friends or family members. They can provide validation and empathy for what you have gone through. Their support can help you feel heard and understood. And, the confidence you gain can make it easier to open up to others about your adoption experience.

Speak With a Counselor About Your Adoption in New Orleans

Counseling sessions provide a safe space for birth mothers to learn how to share their adoption experience with others confidently. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we don’t just help facilitate adoptions near New Orleans. We offer free pre- and post-placement counseling services. You can speak with one of our trained and caring counselors to help process your experience. Discuss details about your adoption and practice sharing your story with others in a safe environment. We would love to help you feel confident about your adoption journey and support you throughout each stage of the process.

Visit a Support Group

Many birth mothers find comfort in connecting with others who have gone through similar scenarios. A support group can provide a nurturing and supportive environment to share your feelings without fear of judgment or criticism. In addition, joining this group can foster community and belonging and empower you to feel more confident talking about your experience.

Remember the Power of Sharing Your Story

Sharing your adoption story can be vulnerable and emotional. But remember—your story matters because it is unique and powerful. Being open about your journey can create awareness about the adoption process and how it works. For instance, many people may not fully understand the process and the emotions involved in placing a baby for adoption. You can help others understand the complexity of the decision and the importance of support and resources for birth mothers.

Your story can provide hope, build connections, and empower others who are going through a similar experience. For example, describe what influenced you to choose adoption near New Orleans. Then, share what you learned throughout the process, and encourage others to find support systems of their own. Your story demonstrates the strength and courage it takes to make a positive choice for your baby. And, your openness can inspire and encourage them to make similar choices for their babies and themselves. 

Our Adoption Agency Near New Orleans Cares About Your Experience

St. Elizabeth Foundation understands that every adoption story is unique. We are committed to tailoring your experience with our agency to your specific needs and circumstances. Our compassionate staff will work with you to create a personalized adoption plan that meets your needs and preferences. With options for open, semi-open, and closed adoptions, you can choose the type of adoption in New Orleans that is right for you and your baby. We will be there to answer any questions and provide guidance and support throughout the process.

We are proud to give expectant mothers the tools they need to make an informed decision about adoption. If you are considering adoption, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Call 225-769-8888 or send us a message. We look forward to being a part of your story and guiding you every step of the way.

Choosing an Adoptive Family: 4 Factors for Birth Mothers to Consider

Choosing to place your baby for adoption is a beautiful and selfless act of love. When you choose adoption in Monroe through St. Elizabeth Foundation, remember that you are in control of the adoption process. Our agency is here to support you every step of the way and provide you with information, resources, and emotional support as you navigate each decision. 

From choosing the adoptive family to deciding your birth plan, we empower you to make the right decisions for you and your baby. But when choosing who to trust with raising your baby, how can you feel confident in your decision? These four factors may help to simplify the process of finding the family that is the best fit for your child. 

1. Do You Share Values With the Adoptive Family?

Finding an adoptive family that shares your social or religious values may help you feel more comfortable trusting their ability to raise your child. Having common ground can also create a connection with the adoptive family. This bond can be beneficial for maintaining ongoing communication and openness in the adoption process. And, this can help give you some direction when choosing the right family for your placement. 

2. What Is the Adoptive Family’s Lifestyle?

An adoptive family’s values, lifestyle, and interests can be attractive factors when choosing a placement family. For example, does the family have other children or pets? Do they travel often or have regular hobbies or special traditions they enjoy? These special interests help you get to know the adoptive family deeper and learn what makes them unique. Then, envision your baby growing up in this environment. You can find comfort in knowing your baby will grow up in a supportive environment where they can develop their own interests as they grow up.

3. What Is Their Relationship With Their Extended Family?

Beyond the adoptive family’s values and lifestyle, consider how much of a role their extended family will play in your baby’s life. Extended family can provide even more emotional support to your baby as they grow up. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins can help your baby feel more secure and connected with their adoptive parents. These family members are also available to help during challenging times. And, they can impart their own traditions and values to enrich your baby’s life for years to come.

4. Why Are They Choosing Adoption?

Knowing the adoptive couple’s reason for adopting establishes trust and transparency. Their story can help establish trust and respect in the relationship, which can be essential for maintaining ongoing communication and openness in the adoption. Their reasoning can also offer insight into how they plan to parent your baby. For example, if their determining factors for adopting is to provide a stable home for a child who needs one, you may feel more reassured that your baby will be loved and cared for in their adoptive home.

How St. Elizabeth Foundation Helps Facilitate Healthy Adoption in Monroe

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we build bridges between birth mothers and adopting families. Birth mothers can browse profiles of adoption-ready families to choose the couple that they deem best for their baby. And before we make these profiles available, we ensure that each adoptive family meets our high standards for approval. 

To begin, the adoptive family goes through a thorough preparation process. The process includes completing a home study to ensure they can provide a safe and welcoming living environment. They must also complete an assessment of their emotional and relational health. Next, parents share their reasons for choosing adoption and go through an educational program to help them learn more about the process. Finally, once approved, each family builds an adoption profile to share their story with birth mothers.

If you want to find potential adoptive families for your baby, St. Elizabeth’s can help establish the connection. Get in touch with us to learn more about our adoption process and how we can help you get started in Monroe. Give us a call at 225-769-8888 or send us a message. We’re happy to answer any questions, offer counseling services, and help guide you throughout your adoption journey.

3 Adoption Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy in Louisiana

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, knowing which path to take can be difficult. If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, St. Elizabeth Foundation can provide guidance and care as you come to your decision. Explore the three adoption options in Louisiana available through our agency—open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. We ensure you have the resources you need to find which type of adoption is the right choice for you.

Option 1: Stay In Close Contact With Your Baby

There are many reasons why a mother may choose to place her baby for adoption. These can include financial difficulties, personal challenges, or the desire to provide her baby with better opportunities. If she chooses adoption but wants to maintain a close relationship with her baby, she may choose an open adoption

A birth mother starts by reviewing profiles of potential adoptive families. Then, she can choose the one she feels will be the best fit for her child. This is a great way to get to know more about the family. Once her baby is placed, she can stay in contact and build a relationship with her baby and the adoptive family. This type of adoption can be especially beneficial for the baby, too. 

A birth mother may have regular in-person visits with her baby. She can also stay in touch through email or letter exchanges, and sharing updates and photos. While our staff can still help mediate communication, the birth mother and the adoptive family can initiate this directly.

Option 2: Limit Communication and Interactions 

Are there adoption options in Louisiana for mothers to stay in touch with their babies while still maintaining a sense of privacy? Yes! Our staff can mediate a semi-open adoption

A birth mother can stay connected by sending letters, photos, and emails or during in-person visits. She has the power to set personal boundaries while still having the opportunity to build a relationship with her baby.

During the placement process, a birth mother will view profiles of adoptive families. Then, she may communicate with them directly through emails or visits to learn more about them. Once she chooses the adoptive family, our staff will take care of the placement and mediate semi-open contact.

Option 3: Maintain Full Confidentiality

In some cases, a mother may not wish to stay in touch once the process is complete. One of the adoption options that we can facilitate in Louisiana is a closed adoption

Like open and semi-open adoptions, a birth mother has full control over the decisions for her adoption process. She will determine her birth plan and choose the family she deems fit to match with her baby. But unlike our other types of adoption, closed adoptions maintain full privacy for the birth mother.

We will not share her name, picture, or other identifying information with the adopting parents. She can rest assured that she will stay confidential throughout the entire process.

A member of the St. Elizabeth staff will be present for the birth of the baby and mediate the placement with the adoptive family. Once the baby is placed, there is no communication between the birth mother and her baby or the adoptive family.

Discover Your Adoption Options in Louisiana Through St. Elizabeth Foundation

You don’t have to search for potential adoption options in Louisiana alone! Birth mothers can receive support and guidance from the caring staff at St. Elizabeth Foundation. We provide counseling services, placement options, financial assistance, and a shoulder to lean on. Let us help you throughout your adoption journey. You can reach out to us at 225-769-8888. You can also send us a message to learn how we can help. 

When you choose adoption, we empower you with the knowledge of all options available to you in Louisiana. Get in touch with us today to find the best plan for you and your baby.

Choosing the Right Adoption Agency Near Lafayette: What to Look For

St. Elizabeth Foundation is a haven for birth mothers and adoptive parents alike. Are you a birth mother searching for placement for an unplanned pregnancy? Or are you a married couple who wants to expand your family through adoption? You want to find an adoption agency that you can trust to help meet your needs with kindness and compassion. But when you are searching for an agency to help with your placement or adoption journey, how do you make the right decision? For mothers or adopting couples researching adoption agencies near Lafayette, these tips can help you find the right agency for you.

For Birth Mothers

Placing your baby for adoption can be an emotionally-charged process. You want to ensure that an agency will respect your wishes and offer the right solutions for you and your baby. If you are searching for an adoption agency near Lafayette for your placement, these questions can help during your search.

Research the Type of Adoption You Want to Have

After placing your baby for adoption, how much contact do you want to maintain with your baby, if any at all? This question can help you determine the right type of adoption for your placement. Through St. Elizabeth Foundation, birth mothers can choose from three types of adoption:

  • Open Adoption: Birth mothers maintain ongoing communication with the adoptive family.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: Birth mothers maintain some level of contact with the adoptive family.
  • Closed Adoption: There is no direct communication between the birth mother and adoptive family. The birth mother’s identity is kept confidential.

Coming to the right conclusion for your adoption can feel overwhelming. Our professional adoption counselors help you understand each type of adoption. We are dedicated to alleviating your stress and helping you make the most informed decision.

Discuss What Support the Agency Can Offer You

Adoption agencies often offer birth mothers a wide range of support during the adoption process. Ask what options are available for you when consulting with an agency. 

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we help birth mothers as much as possible throughout their placement. We provide pre-placement counseling services to help mothers understand their adoption options and to develop their birth plans. We can also offer financial assistance to help with costs such as housing, transportation, and living expenses. And after their adoption is complete, we remain present for ongoing support, including post-placement counseling.

For Adopting Couples

Welcoming a baby into your home through adoption can be a joyous occasion. But finding a trustworthy agency to facilitate your adoption requires research. Here are a few pointers to help you start your adoption process

Ask Questions!

Adopting parents should come prepared with a list of questions when speaking with adoption agencies. This can help you learn more about the agency and set expectations for your adoption journey. Keep these questions in mind:

  • How does the agency screen adoptive families? What are their requirements for prospective adoptive parents?
  • What is the cost of the adoption process, and what services are included in the fee? Are there additional expenses that adopting couples should be aware of?
  • What is the success rate of the agency’s adoptions? How many adoptions have they facilitated?
  • Can the agency provide references from other adoptive families who have used their services?
  • What support does the agency provide pre- and post-adoption, such as counseling and support groups?

No matter your questions, St. Elizabeth Foundation is ready to help you find the answers you need to move forward with confidence. 

Read Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials from other adoptive families can be valuable resources for prospective adopting couples. They can give a sense of an agency’s reputation, including their professionalism, ethical standards, and overall track record. You can also learn the level of emotional support and guidance that the agency can provide. 

It’s important to investigate the satisfaction of families who have used the agency’s services during and after the placement. These personal stories can help a couple determine if the agency in question is the right choice for their adoption.

For an Adoption Agency Near Lafayette, Reach Out Today

If you are searching for an adoption agency near Lafayette, reach out to St. Elizabeth Foundation. Our Baton Rouge adoption agency works with birth mothers and adopting families in Louisiana and nationwide. During every step of the process, we make sure that the voice of the birth mother is heard and valued. We specialize in all forms of adoption and help mothers determine the right path for their placement. Then, we work with adopting families to develop adoption-ready homes and build successful placements.

Do you have questions about our agency, placing a baby for adoption, or how to begin the adoption process? We would love to speak with you. Send us a message online or give us a call at 225-769-8888. For more than 30 years, we have been a respected authority on adoption in Louisiana. Let us deliver care and support that you can trust.

Adoption Vs. Fostering: What You Should Know

Deciding to open your home and your heart to a child can be an exciting, life-changing experience. Are considering adoption through our agency near Lake Charles or fostering a child? There is much that should be taken into consideration. Start by exploring the differences between adoption and fostering so you can decide which option is best for your family.

Why Might Families Choose Adoption?

Adopting a child means that you will legally and permanently become the parent of a child who is not biologically related to you. Adoption involves a legal process in which the rights and responsibilities of the birth parents are transferred to the adoptive parents. Once the adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents will have the same rights and responsibilities as the birth parents. And, the adopted child will become a full member of the adoptive family.

There are many reasons why families might choose adoption. Some couples may be unable to have children biologically and choose adoption as a way to build their family. Many families choose adoption because they want to provide a loving, stable home for a child. Other families may have personal or family experience with adoption and feel a strong desire to adopt for themselves. Ultimately, the decision to adopt is a very personal one. And it is influenced by a variety of factors, including an individual or couple’s personal circumstances, values, and goals.

What Does It Mean To Foster a Child?

Choosing to foster a child means a family provides temporary care for a child who is not able to live with their birth parents. Foster parents are responsible for providing a safe and nurturing environment. During this time together, they meet their foster child’s physical, emotional, and developmental needs. 

Foster care can be a short-term or long-term arrangement. This depends on the needs of the child and the availability of a permanent placement. The goal of foster care is to reunite the child with their biological parents. Or, it is to find a permanent home for the child, either through adoption or guardianship.

Some common challenges that foster parents may face include:

  • Emotional challenges. Caring for a child who has experienced trauma or who has behavioral issues can be emotionally draining. Plus, it can also be difficult to say goodbye to a child when they leave your care to return to their biological family or to be placed with a new adoptive family.
  • Practical challenges. Foster parents may need to make significant changes to their home and schedule to accommodate a child. This can be challenging, especially if the foster parent is working or has other commitments.
  • Financial challenges. Foster parents may need to cover some expenses related to caring for the child, such as clothing, food, and transportation. And these costs can be significant, especially for long-term foster placements.
  • Legal challenges. Foster parents may need to navigate complex legal procedures and requirements. These may be necessary to become licensed foster parents and to advocate for the best interests of the child.
  • Social challenges. Foster parents may face stigma or misunderstanding from friends, family, or members of the community. This often is rooted in a lack of awareness of the realities of foster care.

Despite these challenges, many people find fostering a child to be a deeply rewarding experience.

Helpful Questions to Consider When Making Your Decision

If you are trying to decide between fostering and adoption near Lake Charles, ask yourself these questions:

1. What Are Your Goals? 

Do you want to provide temporary care for a child while they are unable to live with their biological parents? Or are you looking to permanently become a parent to a child?

2. What Are Your Resources and Support Systems? 

Fostering and adoption can be emotionally and financially demanding. Do you have the resources and support systems in place to meet the needs of a child?

3. What Are Your Expectations? 

Do you have a clear understanding of the challenges and rewards of fostering and adoption, and do you have realistic expectations about what to expect?

4. What Are Your Long-Term Plans? 

If you are considering foster care, do you have a plan in place for how you will handle the possibility of a child returning to their biological family or being placed with a new adoptive family? And if you are considering adoption, do you understand the legal implications and requirements of the adoption process?

5. How Will This Decision Impact Your Family? 

Fostering or adopting a child will likely have a significant impact on your family. Have you discussed this decision with your family members, and do you have their support?

Let these questions help guide you as you make your decision. And if you have more questions about the process of adoption near Lake Charles, don’t hesitate to reach out to St. Elizabeth Foundation for more information.

How to Begin Your Adoption Journey Through St. Elizabeth Foundation

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we help adopting families connect with birth mothers through open, closed, or semi-open adoption. Qualified couples must apply to adopt. Then, we begin a home study and education process to help them prepare to open their home to a new baby. Our agency treats all birth mothers and adopting families like our own family. And as an additional benefit, we offer support and counseling before, during, and after your adoption is complete.

If you have questions about our agency or are ready to start your adoption process, the first step is to reach out! Call 225-769-8888 or send us a message to speak with a helpful member of our team. We would be happy to share more about our agency and how you can begin your life-changing journey to adoption.