An unexpected pregnancy can be challenging, and choosing the right path forward can be even more difficult. At the St. Elizabeth Foundation in Baton Rouge, we know that processing the emotions of an unplanned pregnancy isn’t easy, and choosing to place your baby for adoption can be an extremely hard decision. But we are here to support you throughout the entire process and make sure that you know what lies before you every step of the way. If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and don’t know what your next steps should be, don’t worry. These six steps can help you begin the adoption process in Lafayette.

1. Choose an Adoption Agency

After an unplanned pregnancy, you must first work through the choices ahead of you. And if you choose to place your baby for adoption in Lafayette, working with an established adoption agency can help to alleviate the stress of your situation. The professionals at these agencies, like St. Elizabeth’s in Baton Rouge, handle your pregnancy and concerns with the utmost sensitivity. From helping you cope with an unexpected pregnancy to making sure you understand all of your opportunities, an agency can remind you that you are not alone in what may feel like a chaotic circumstance.

2. Work Through Counseling

After reaching out to St. Elizabeth’s, we begin with counseling. This is a core part of the adoption process in Lafayette and the surrounding areas. Counseling works through multiple facets of your adoption journey, from navigating the emotional ups and downs of the process to working through the logistics of adoption. Our professionally trained counselors discuss what you can expect after choosing to place your baby for adoption. And while we guide you through the different decisions ahead of you, every final say is left up to your discretion.

3. Choose the Adoptive Family

Our adoption agency is proud to empower birth mothers. From choosing the openness of adoption to choosing the adopting parents, every major decision is in the birth mother’s control. At St. Elizabeth, we connect you with adoptive families who have been married for at least five years. These couples may have struggled with infertility, or they may be seeking to grow their family through adoption. Take your time going through each couple’s profile book to get to know their story and heart. Once you have decided which family is the right match for your baby and whether you would prefer an open, semi-open, or closed adoption, it’s time to plan for your delivery.

4. Discover Pregnancy and Delivery Assistance

It’s no mystery that pregnancy and delivery are expensive processes. And depending on the circumstances of your pregnancy, you may be facing them on your own. Find emotional and monetary support with the St. Elizabeth Foundation! We assist with lessening financial burdens, including medical, legal, living, and counseling costs. We are also present to help with delivery and finalizing your adoption plan when the time comes.

5. Finalize the Adoption

Once your baby is born, it is time to enter the final steps of your adoption journey in Lafayette. If you opt for a closed adoption, we handle the details of placing your baby with the adopting family you have chosen without any contact. Or in the case of open or semi-open adoption, we help build the bridge between you and the family. This can allow you to stay in touch with your baby even after they have been placed. Our caring professionals at St. Elizabeth’s help you determine the right decision for you!

6. Finish With Post-Placement Counseling

Once the adoption has been completed, we know that the journey isn’t over. Many emotions still linger after finalizing your adoption, and the St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to help you process them. With post-placement counseling, we help you grapple with positive and negative emotions. And, we let you know that even though your adoption process has closed, you can always find a family and support system through our adoption agency.

Choose Adoption in Lafayette With the Help of St. Elizabeth’s!

At the St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand that choosing to place your child for adoption is an act of love. And we are dedicated to offering the same love to our birth mothers throughout their adoption journey. If you are searching for adoption solutions in Lafayette, let our caring staff tell you more about our process. Reach out by phone at 225-769-8888 or by email through our website. We would love to encourage you throughout this process and help you determine the best options for you.