At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we specialize in open adoptions involving infants. However, we know that no two adoptions are alike as they each bring unique circumstances. Each one of our adoptions represent a new birth mother and a new family dynamic. Together, these people decide what’s best for them and their baby. We are here to facilitate the conversation, ensure the legal steps are followed the right way, and shepherd all the participants through the process. We have helped numerous families in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and North Louisiana through this process.

That not only includes attending to legal paperwork and fielding calls, but also acting as confidants and advisors. We take this responsibility seriously and want nothing more than to ensure a smooth process for everyone. 

Are There Open Adoptions in Louisiana? 

Rules for adoption differ from state to state. Even though Louisiana is a closed adoption state, we have the ability to set up an open adoption plan for you as an agency

Even if you choose to have an open adoption, there are still more decisions to be made. Every single adoption looks a little different, but all open adoptions with us fall into two main categories – semi-open or open. In both cases, these adoptions have guidelines that all parties must adhere to. 

Semi-Open Adoptions

This type of adoption involves the agency facilitating all communications. The respective parties can mutually agree to open things further. However, the understanding is that all interaction occurs through the agency.

Open Adoptions 

Because no two open adoptions are quite alike, this relationship can be whatever both parties want it to be. This can include periodic letters, monthly phone calls, weekly emails, and annual visits.

Closed Adoptions

Closed adoptions are not open at all. Of course, this is still an option because St. Elizabeth wants what is best for your unique situation. Sometimes this is the best choice. 

Which Kind Of Adoption Is Right For You?

Like we said earlier, no two adoptions are the same. Every birth mother has her own reasons for choosing adoption. Because our birth mothers are making such an incredibly loving choice, they determine the type of adoption they want for their baby. For most families, open adoptions are the most successful and rewarding. Many people find that open adoptions only result in more people loving their baby. At the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing. Everyone wants the best possible life for their baby. 

Your Open Adoption Agency In New Orleans

Over the past 32 years, St. Elizabeth Foundation helped place more than 600 babies with loving and safe parents. But most of all, we’ve helped hundreds of pregnant women decide what was best for them, and for their babies. Even if you’re not sure if you want to make an adoption plan, you can still reach out to us to ask questions and learn more. We’re here for you with open ears and open hands to help you through your unique journey. To get started, contact us here on our website or call us at 225-769-8888. Every conversation is 100% confidential.