Deciding to place a baby for adoption is an act of profound love and courage. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand this choice’s emotional and social weight. Our local adoption agency aims to support Lake Charles birth mothers through every step of their adoption journey, providing a network of care, understanding, and respect. Explore how we help birth mothers

Empowerment Through Choice

St. Elizabeth Foundation stands out as a compassionate guide in the adoption process. We firmly believe that you’re in control. From choosing the adoptive family to deciding the type of adoption and the birth plan, you are the decision-maker during the adoption process. This empowering approach ensures you feel confident and content with your decision, contributing positively to your mental and emotional well-being.

A Path to a Stronger Future

Our support continues after the adoption process. St. Elizabeth Foundation aims to help birth mothers build a brighter future. In fact, we’ve witnessed countless women who, after placing their baby for adoption, have achieved significant personal growth. They advance their careers, complete their education, and gain more job training. This positive outcome is a testament to the strength and resilience of women who choose adoption.

Beyond Financial Aid

For birth mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy, we offer comprehensive assistance that covers living, medical, legal, and counseling costs. Our support is tailored to ensure that you do not feel alone at any point. From the first conversation to counseling services and support groups, we’re here not just as an agency but as a family you can count on.

Our Local Adoption Agency’s Success Stories That Inspire

One touching testimonial comes from a mother who placed her son for adoption 13 years ago with our local adoption agency. She reflects on the unwavering support from St. Elizabeth Foundation, highlighting that it extended far beyond the adoption itself. In fact, she still receives support 13 years later. This enduring connection and continual support have helped her face life with confidence and gratitude.

Before connecting with St. Elizabeth Foundation, she was feeling the confusion and uncertainty a birth mother often feels, which was quickly alleviated after speaking with a counselor from our team. Feeling immediate warmth and acceptance, she knew she was making the right decision — a belief that had only grown stronger over time.

A Community That Cares

At the core of St. Elizabeth’s philosophy is the principle of creating a loving family for every child and a supportive community for every birth mother. The adoptive families working with us are thoroughly assessed to ensure they can provide a loving home and a future filled with opportunities for your child. We specialize in semi-open adoptions but are flexible to organize meetings with birth parents, ensuring open communication lines that are comfortable for everyone involved.

Choosing our local adoption agency near Lake Charles means joining a compassionate community dedicated to creating positive outcomes for all — especially for you, the birth mother. With us, you’ll find a team that’s easygoing, honest, and always available when you need us.

Having a local adoption agency by your side can make all the difference in a world filled with challenging decisions. If you’re considering adoption, know that the St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to support, inform, and guide you toward a future filled with hope and possibilities.

Have Questions? Our Team Is Here to Help.

For more information, contact us at St. Elizabeth Foundation. Your story is important, and we’re here to listen. Call 225-769-8888 now or message us online to learn how we can support your adoption decision and help you prepare for a bright future.