If you are considering adoption and are in Shreveport, know that this is a beautiful, exciting journey that you are embarking on! You, as adoptive parents, are providing a loving home and stability to a child. But also know that it comes with many emotions and financial commitments. St. Elizabeth Foundation is excited to begin your adoption process in Louisiana and help you understand each step in the journey. Here are seven things to know going into your adoption that can make you better prepared.

Here’s What You Should Know About Adoption In Shreveport

St. Elizabeth Foundation has helped many brave mothers find homes for their babies following unplanned pregnancies. We look forward to assisting you in your adoption process, as well! We are grateful for your decision to open your hearts and your homes to a new child. Even so, we know that the road to adoption is not always easy. Here are a few points to keep in mind to help you along the way:

1. Ensure That Your Family and Spouse Are Supportive

You and your family should be on the same page when deciding to adopt. Are you and your partner both ready to parent another child or your first child? Are you both accepting of a child that isn’t biologically your own? If you already have children, have you discussed adoption with them to prepare them for a new sibling? Disagreements can spur discourse among your immediate family members and make the environment more stressful for a new child.

2. Make Sure That You Are Financially Sound

Your heart may be in the right place by desiring an adoption, but it is important to enter into your situation realistically. Adopting a newborn comes with new financial commitments, from doctor’s appointments to diapers and baby gear. Consider your expenses pre-adoption and what expenditures will be necessary for the years to come. You want to know that your family is financially equipped to support an addition to your household.

3. Decide What Type of Adoption Is Right For You

There are three main types of adoption: Open, Closed, and Semi-Open. This specifies the amount of contact the birth parents have with their child and the adoptive family once the process is complete. At St. Elizabeth’s, we allow the birth mother to choose her adoption type. You, too, should know what form of adoption is ideal for your situation going forward.

4. Get Advice From Other Adoptive Parents

The stories of other families who have gone through the adoption process are an invaluable resource. If you know adoptive parents personally, ask them about their experience! They can empathize with you as you walk through your adoption journey. You can find inspirational, insightful adoption stories through St. Elizabeth, too. Hearing their stories can help you better understand the emotional waves that you may face.

5. Be Patient, and Stay Positive!

The adoption process is not always a quick or smooth one. Take a deep breath, and remember your reasons for adopting. Lean on your support systems for understanding and encouragement. St. Elizabeth’s helps to make your adoption as simple as possible. We are available to answer any questions you have. Patience can be difficult, especially with ups and downs that may come up—but soon enough, wrinkles will be ironed out, paperwork will be finalized, and you will be on the way to welcoming a new baby into your life.

6. Remember To Care For the Biological Parents, Too

When you stand on the side of wanting to adopt, it can be difficult to understand why someone would decide against parenting their child. Understand that every birth mother has their own story. No matter the openness of your adoption, strive to care for the biological parents as much as for the baby you are adopting. The adoption journey comes with powerful emotions on both sides of the process. Make sure to extend love and kindness to all involved.

7. Research the Best Agency For Adoption Near You

You should be able to trust the adoption agency that you pursue. They connect you to your future child and provide invaluable support and education throughout each step of the adoption process. Make sure that you feel comfortable establishing open communication with your agency and sharing your highs and lows with them. They help you to understand and meet the requirements for adoption. This ensures that your home and finances are all in the right place before bringing a new child into your space.

Adopting With St. Elizabeth’s

If you are parents in Shreveport and are ready to move forward with your adoption, St. Elizabeth’s looks forward to helping you take the first steps. Call us today at (225) 769-8888, or request more information on our website. We know that this can come with fears and doubts, but we are here to guide you through the adoption process!