There are many choices to consider throughout your adoption process. Will you adopt internationally or within the states? And do you want to work with a national agency or a local agency? At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we help connect families throughout Louisiana with local adoptions in your home state. By choosing a local adoption agency, you can find invaluable support close to home from our caring staff and other local adopting families. Learn just three of the benefits you can discover by working with a local adoption agency near New Orleans.

1. A Local Adoption Agency Walks with You Through the Entire Process

As you start your adoption journey, the rules, requirements, and complexities of the process may seem insurmountable. This is why partnering with experts in local adoption can help alleviate a large amount of your stress! At St. Elizabeth, we are dedicated to taking a hands-on approach to adoption. For birth mothers, we make sure they understand all available options and help them settle on the right decision. And for adopting families, we help navigate through paperwork, home studies, making online profiles, and any meetings with the birth mother or parents. 

Our agency is passionate about showing love to all involved in the adoption process. And we make sure that you receive the support and guidance you need to see you through to the end of your adoption. If you are searching for a local adoption agency near New Orleans, we would love to speak to you about our process!

2. In an Open Adoption, You May Get to Meet the Birth Mother In-Person and Be Present for the Birth

In an open adoption, adoptive families and their new child can stay in touch with the birth mother or family after finalizing the adoption process. And by choosing a local adoption agency, adopting families in New Orleans likely be located near the birth family. This can be beneficial for pre-placement conversations and staying connected after the child is born. If agreed upon by the birth mother, you may even have the opportunity to be present for the birth, or you may be present to meet your child at the hospital. And with the assistance of St. Elizabeth Foundation, we can help bridge communication between your family and the birth parents at all stages of your adoption.

3. Adopting Parents Can Connect with Other Adopting Families in the Area

There are over two million couples seeking adoption in the United States. For parents eagerly awaiting the completion of their adoption process, it is vital to have a strong support network surrounding them. Through our local adoption agency, couples can connect with other adopting families near New Orleans at various stages of their adoption process! Learn from their experiences, gain insight into hardships, and develop connections with others who can empathize with your journey. These bonds can help you thrive during both the successes and the challenges of your adoption. And, you can become an encouragement to others in the process.

Choose a Local Adoption Agency Near New Orleans

For those looking for a local adoption agency near New Orleans, choose an agency that can support you from start to finish. Whether you are an adoptive couple or a birth mother, our team is ready to help you learn your next steps. Give us a call at 225-769-8888. Or, send us a message for more information. We look forward to providing you with professional support with a personal touch.