When you hold a positive pregnancy test in your hands, your first response may not be awe or tears of joy. You may feel isolated, scared, regretful, or lost. Know that even when faced with an unwanted pregnancy, there are several options available to you near Lake Charles. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we provide a safe space for expectant mothers to consider the right way to proceed after an unplanned pregnancy. Here is how we recommend moving forward after your news. 

First—Ground Yourself Mentally

Your first step is to calm the chaos you may be feeling internally. Coming to terms with your pregnancy is the first step toward coping. This may include accepting feelings of anger or fear about how your family or partner will react to the news. Know that your feelings are valid and to be expected. But, allow yourself to feel these emotions, process them, and then gather yourself for the next steps. Through St. Elizabeth’s, you can find judgment-free, professional counseling services to help you cope with the news of your pregnancy. And, we can also help you determine how to move forward. 

Reflect On Your Health

As you work through the emotions that come with an unwanted pregnancy, your next step should be to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider in Lake Charles. Not only can these professionals confirm that you are pregnant, but they can also help you know what care is needed for your pregnancy. If you drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs, your doctor will recommend you abstain for the health of the baby. They will also advise you on prenatal supplements, diet, and exercise to help you and the baby stay as healthy as possible.

Identify Your Support System

Who in your life would be ideal to turn to for safety and encouragement? This may be one or both of your parents, the baby’s father, or close friends or family. Having an established support system is essential after the news of unwanted pregnancy, especially members you can speak to in person near Lake Charles. These loved ones can help you in making decisions, finding resources and medical care for your pregnancy, and making sure that you don’t feel alone in your situation. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, our staff is built of kind, loving professionals. From counselors to social workers and case workers, we extend love, understanding, and listening ears during a time of uncertainty.

Consider Each Option Carefully

Finally, it’s time to decide what to do about your pregnancy. Do you parent your baby? Do your place your child into adoption or foster care? Or do you choose to terminate your pregnancy?

It’s okay to be uncertain if you want to parent your baby. For many women, the news of unplanned pregnancy may come at the wrong time. Whether the mother is a high school or college student, a single mother, or a young professional—a pregnancy may conflict with other goals you have for yourself. Even if you are certain that motherhood is not right for you, you have several options to choose from, including adoption and foster care.

Your first thought may be to terminate your pregnancy. However, abortion is not the fast, easy solution that it may seem. Not only is abortion an expensive procedure, but it can also leave you with many emotional effects and even physical side effects. And with the recent conversation about the legality of abortion in Louisiana, it is smart to consider other options.

Through St. Elizabeth’s Foundation, an expectant mother can place her child for adoption under the care of qualified parents. Our agency thoroughly screens every prospective family before clearing them for adoption, ensuring that they are emotionally and financially prepared for a new child. And through our local Louisiana adoption agency, we give full control of the adoption to the birth mother. From choosing the adopting family to the type of adoption and hospital plan, each decision is up to you. Our team is here to support and guide you each step of the way.

Find Support for an Unwanted Pregnancy in Lake Charles

If you find yourself with an unwanted pregnancy in Lake Charles, know that love and support from St. Elizabeth’s isn’t far. Please consider reaching out to our adoption agency as soon as possible for counseling and guidance as you decide your next steps. You can reach a member of our team at 225-769-8888, or you can send us a message. We’ll be happy to show you all the ways we can help.