Choosing an adoption agency is similar to laying the foundation of a home. It is essential for the support and structure that follows. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand the depth of this choice. And as a local adoption agency near Monroe, we are committed to guiding you with expertise and care every step of the way. Explore the benefits of partnering with a local agency like ours and how we care for birth mothers and adopting families on their journey.

1. Local Agencies Have In-depth Knowledge of Local Laws and Processes

Understanding the intricacies of Louisiana’s adoption laws can be overwhelming, but we’re here to make it simpler for you. By choosing a local agency, you gain:

Local agencies have the specific knowledge needed to turn any confusion regarding the adoption process into a clear path forward.

“Thank you [St. Elizabeth Foundation] for truly guiding us through this somewhat stressful process but making it the least stressful as possible.”

Tiffany, an adoptive mother

2. Local Agencies Help You Find Supportive Communities

Our local adoption agency doesn’t just provide emotional and financial aid. We help you find care and support within your personal community. Here are a few ways we extend our care:

  • We help birth mothers learn ways to share their adoption plans with their friends and families.
  • With helpful tips, we educate the families of adoptive parents on ways to support their adoption.
  • We empower birth mothers to share their experiences with others, from speaking with our counselors to visiting local support groups.

Whether you have a few loved ones behind you or a village of care, St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to provide support throughout your adoption journey.

3. Local Agencies Offer Personalized Support That Continues After Adoption

Adjusting to new roles as parents or navigating life after placing your baby for adoption can be challenging, but St. Elizabeth Foundation ensures you have the support you need, including:

  • Tailored guidance throughout each unique adoption scenario.
  • Assistance for birth mothers in developing a birth plan.
  • Counseling services before and well after the adoption takes place.
  • A commitment to standing by you, rain or shine, in your adoption journey.

Every mother’s and family’s story is special. Our local adoption agency is dedicated to providing support that speaks directly to your experiences and needs.

“[St. Elizabeth’s Foundation] supported me from day one, from therapies and everybody being involved and engaged and really taking account of what I felt, what I was feeling, what I wanted. From the moment I walked into the door, I was a part of the family.”

– Ashley, a birth mother

Start Your Journey With Our Local Adoption Agency Today

The relationship formed with an adoption agency doesn’t end when the adoption is finalized. It is a lifelong bond. If you’re considering adoption in Monroe or even from afar, our local Louisiana agency is here to help. When you’re ready, reach out to St. Elizabeth Foundation at 225-769-8888 or send us a message through our contact form. Let us answer your questions and help guide you through the adoption process.