Making the decision to place your baby for adoption is one of the most selfless acts of love. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we understand the journey you’re on is one filled with a mix of emotions, uncertainties, and love for your child. You may wonder, “How can I find parents to adopt my child?” We are here to offer guidance and reassurance on your path to finding the perfect adoptive family for your little one. Our goal is to walk you through each stage with empathy and support, helping you have peace and confidence in your choices.

Understanding Your Adoption Preferences and Goals

“When I find parents to adopt my child, how much contact is necessary, if any at all?”

Every birth mother’s vision for her child’s future is unique. Determining the level of contact you wish to have with your child and their adoptive family is a deeply personal choice — and as a birth mother, you have the power to decide.

Do you want an open adoption where you can maintain contact and receive updates? Or do you prefer a closed adoption for complete privacy? Or maybe something in between with a semi-open adoption? Whatever type of adoption you choose, our counselors at St. Elizabeth Foundation are here to discuss your preferences and help design an adoption plan that fits with your personal goals.

Researching and Choosing a Trustworthy Adoption Agency

Choosing the right adoption agency is crucial. You want a team that will listen to your questions and concerns and stand by your side from start to finish. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, our dedicated staff provides honest, easygoing support, ensuring you have all the resources you need at your fingertips.

Creating an Adoption Plan Based On Your Needs

Every birth mother has unique needs and circumstances. We’re committed to helping you create both an adoption and birth plan that’s as individual as you are. Our process is flexible, allowing you to take the lead in choices about your and your baby’s future.

Free Counseling and Support Throughout the Adoption Process

We believe in supporting you not just during the adoption process but also beyond it. St. Elizabeth Foundation offers free counseling before and after placement, ensuring you have a safe space to explore your feelings and options — because your well-being is just as important as finding a loving home for your child.

Viewing Adoption Profiles and Choosing the Right Adoptive Parents

When the time comes to “find parents to adopt my child,” you will have access to profiles created by potential adoptive families. These profiles will provide insight into their lives, values, homes, and reasons for adopting. You can choose a family that aligns with your desires for your child’s life.

Keep these points in mind as you view these adoption profiles:

  • Look for compatibility with your values and lifestyle
  • Consider the kind of upbringing you want for your baby and if these families align with your vision
  • Pay attention to how they connect and communicate through their profile

Find more tips on choosing an adoptive family in this helpful blog.

Tips for Feeling Confident in Your Decision

Trust your gut feelings, and remember — you are in control. Giving yourself permission to ask questions, express your needs, and take the time you need to feel sure about your decision is key.

These are just a few ways you can help nurture confidence in your adoption choices:

  • Tip #1: Reflect on the stability and love each adopting family could offer
  • Tip #2: Imagine the future opportunities your child can have with them
  • Tip #3: Seek counseling and advice whenever you need reassurance

Deciding to place your child for adoption is incredibly brave and caring. We respect that this may be one of the most complex decisions you’ve ever faced. Here at St. Elizabeth Foundation, we see the strength in every birth mother who chooses this path, and we are here to encourage and support you.

I’m Ready to Find Parents to Adopt My Child in Louisiana

If you are working to “find parents to adopt my child” in Louisiana, we are here for you. Lean on us during this time. For compassionate care and help taking the first step towards placing your baby for adoption, reach out to St. Elizabeth Foundation. Call us at 225-769-8888 or send us a message online. Your story, your decision, your baby’s future — we honor it all.