Things can get pretty scary when you suddenly have an unwanted pregnancy on top of the other things you’re going through in your life. It’s easy to panic and not know what to do next. After all, you’re not prepared, you may be in a difficult situation, or you may be afraid and confused. However, you do have choices available to you. If you have an unwanted pregnancy, our adoption agency is here to help. Take a look at what we can do for you at St. Elizabeth Foundation, and contact us as soon as possible. 

How Adoption Works With Our Agency

When it comes to communication with an agency like ours, adoption works in three different ways. Specifically: open, semi-open, and closed adoptions.

  • Open adoptions. In an open adoption, birth parents and the adoptive family have direct contact with each other. Together, they make choices for the child’s life and can stay in touch in a variety of ways.
  • Semi-open adoptions. In these types of adoptions, participants may find it difficult to communicate with each other, but the birth mother or parents still want to be in the child’s life. So, leave it up to our professionals. We can be in-between both parties to ensure that each side is comfortable and communicating effectively. 
  • Closed adoptions. Perhaps the birth mother wants no communication with the child after it’s born. That’s understandable, and we can make that happen. A closed adoption might be the best choice for you, and this means that there is no contact between you and the adoptive family after placement. As the birth mother, you can choose to send medical information, but the rest of your information remains confidential.

Unsure which is right for your needs? Talk to us for more information and counseling services.

What We Do For the Mother

One of the reasons that some mothers try to avoid adoption agencies is because they are afraid of potential misuse that may come from the agency itself. However, we are aware and are crystal clear about the fact that there are two parts to every adoption. Meaning, we see the expectant mother as just as important as the awaiting new parents. So, how do we help these mothers?

The first step is reaching out to us. For some, this is the hardest stuff. But once you do, one of our counselors is happy to talk with you about your options. Maybe adoption isn’t the right choice for you and your needs. But some need help sorting through the panic to see that. 

If adoption is what you choose, it’s then time to choose a family. And, because you’re in control every step of the way, you get to choose from the families available and if the adoption going forward is going to be open, semi-open, or closed. As things continue, we’re here to provide agency assistance to help with your medical, legal, living, and counseling costs. Even when the birth is all said and done, we can continue to assist you for 45 days. Talk to us to see what we can do.

If You Have an Unwanted Pregnancy, Let Our Adoption Agency Help

We understand that having an unwanted pregnancy can be a terrifying situation. However, you have to remember that you have options. Adoption is only one of those options available to you. If you are unsure about where you need to go next, get in contact with our professionals. Even if adoption isn’t for you in the end, perhaps we can help you discover what choice you need to make next.

If you have any questions for us or want to take the next steps, get in contact with our adoption agency. You can reach us by calling 225-769-8888 or message us through our website. We’re ready to help you make the right choice for you and your needs.