Adoption is a beautiful process, but it also comes with many unknowns. For young women or couples that find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, you may not know where to turn for support. Or for parents who are yearning to grow their own families through adoption, you may be wondering how to get started with the process. Yes, the adoption journey can be stressful, but reaching the end is worth the travel. Let the encouragement of others help you get started on your own path to adoption! Read more about these inspirational success stories from the St. Elizabeth Foundation about adoption in Louisiana.

Advice For Birth Mothers

If you are not ready for parenthood, the news of pregnancy may not be a welcomed announcement. You may be a single mother navigating your options alone, or you and your partner may not be financially able to support a child. At St. Elizabeth’s, we make sure that you know every opportunity available to you. Start by reaching out to us. We educate you on the adoption process in Louisiana and counsel you on how to begin. And, we help build the bridge between you and adopting families so that you can choose the right home for your baby. We make sure that each husband and wife duo can offer a safe and loving home to a newborn. Kristy, one of our birth mothers, says that she found the match for her baby after reading her first profile book.

“​​I didn’t need to look any further. There was something about their book that completely connected with me. The second I read their profile I didn’t need to see any more. I knew. I knew that was the family.”

And remember—just because you choose to place your baby with an adopting family doesn’t mean that you are losing your relationship with them. You have the option for an open, semi-open, or closed adoption type which dictates the amount of contact you maintain with your baby and the adopting family. For birth mother Sherrard, she says that she is grateful her daughter can now experience “double the love” from her birth parents and adoptive parents. And, you have the support of the St. Elizabeth Foundation from start to finish. Rauyshiera opted for adoption after becoming pregnant at 18.

“I love them so much. They supported me 100% throughout the whole thing. Without them, I don’t know what I would have done.”

If you are searching for your best options after an unplanned pregnancy, we are here to help! You can also read more adoption stories from birth mothers to learn more about what you can expect from St. Elizabeth’s.

Advice For Adopting Families

At the St. Elizabeth Foundation, we help parents with hearts for adoption find the newest addition to their family. Some couples may be unable to conceive, and others may want to offer a child a more loving and stable home than they would have received otherwise. Terri LeBlanc, one of our board members and adoptive mothers, decided to adopt after struggles with infertility. 

“I went from thinking I was devastated to not be able to get pregnant and have my own child to, once I laid eyes on my son, that all went out the window. It was no longer important. What was important is that I was a mother.”

No matter how your story begins, St. Elizabeth’s is here with kindness, encouragement, and counseling to help you prepare your hearts and homes for welcoming your child.

With adoption at St. Elizabeth’s, families in Louisiana can connect with birth mothers within the state. Bill Avery and his wife knew that they were passionate about adoption and were ecstatic to be able to adopt close to home.

“We were blessed just to be able to do it here locally. Our oldest was born here in town and we were actually there for the birth. Our youngest was born in Hammond and we didn’t quite make the birth, but we were there 30 minutes later.”

Start your process today by reaching out to us for a formal application. We will follow up with details to begin a home study and visit. And, find more stories from adoptive families on our website.

Start Your Adoption in Louisiana Today

Whether you are a birth mother looking for options for your baby or a family interested in adoption, you can find solutions at the St. Elizabeth Foundation in Louisiana. Get in touch with us today to learn more! Call us at 225-769-8888, or send us a message online. Our helpful staff will be in touch with you shortly to help you determine your next steps.