Deciding to place a baby for adoption is a very big decision. For some women, adoption makes the most sense, and it can benefit both the birth mother and the child. And when you’ve made that choice, one of the next steps to take is explaining your decision to others. This isn’t always easy, but once you do, it can take some of the anxiety off your shoulders. And when you place your baby for adoption in Louisiana with St. Elizabeth Foundation, we support you through it all. We understand the challenges you are facing. And we want to help you meet those challenges and find a brighter future for you and the child. Learn how you can prepare before telling friends and family about your adoption plan. And see how St. Elizabeth can provide you with extra support.

Preparing to Tell Others About Your Adoption Plan

Before telling others about your plan, be ready for the possibility that they may not take it well initially. Even when you know you’re making the right decision, others still may not understand. Especially when it comes to a decision as personal as adoption. 

Be prepared for a conversation that could become emotional. They may express surprise and confusion similar to how you felt when you first learned you were pregnant. So it’s essential to try to remain patient because they may react out of surprise. 

Also, it’s important to understand that you can’t control how other people will react. They may say things to try to change your mind. But remember that the only person who can make this choice is you. And you need to make the decision that you think will be best for yourself and the child. So listen to what others have to say and do your best to stay positive. And understand that this may be a lot for them to take in.

Also, it can help to make a list of the why reasons adoption makes the most sense for you. Women who place a child for adoption tend to have higher-paying jobs, for example. And they may be more likely to finish high school. Also, they may receive more job training and education after high school. Note your reasons for choosing adoption so you can keep them in mind when you need to.

Getting Support From St. Elizabeth Foundation

Something to remember is that no matter how others react, we’re ready to provide you with support. St. Elizabeth helps with caring counselors who listen. They can also offer guidance when you need it most. And this includes before and after you’ve decided to tell friends and family about your adoption plan. Also, our counseling services continue even after the child is born. So, if you want someone to talk to, we’re here when you need us.

When You Decide to Place a Baby for Adoption in Louisiana, St. Elizabeth Foundation Is There for You

Making the decision to place a baby for adoption can be difficult. But when you make that choice with St. Elizabeth Foundation, we work with you each step of the way. We have assisted many other women in navigating their unplanned pregnancies. And we have also helped many children find loving homes and welcoming families. If you’ve decided that adoption would be the best choice for you, get in touch with us. Call St. Elizabeth at 225-769-8888 or contact us online. We’re always ready to talk about your unique situation and help you find the support you need.