Since 1988, St. Elizabeth Foundation has been opening doors, arms, and hearts to expectant mothers caught in the middle of unplanned pregnancies. We are passionate about breaking stigmas against these mothers and helping them find positive solutions for themselves and their babies. That is exactly how we have been able to bring about over 600 loving adoptions in the state of Louisiana! If you are wondering how to adopt in Louisiana, St. Elizabeth’s can help step you through the process. Here is what to expect when adopting through our trusted agency.

Make Sure You Qualify

The first step to our adoption process is to ensure that you qualify for adoption. St. Elizabeth Foundation requires that all adopting couples have been married for at least five years before adoption. We want all infant adoptions to be introduced to a loving, stable household. This is why it is important to know that the couple is already functioning as a lasting family unit. 

Complete a Formal Application

Once we have made sure that you qualify, it is time to fill out your adoption application. This application will let us know the necessary information needed to continue your adoption process, like your education, employment, family background, and medical history. Our team will thoroughly review your application. Please be aware that this step can take time as we want to make sure every detail in your application is in place. Once reviewed and approved, we can then move on to the home study process. 

Undergo a Home Study Process

The home study portion of your application process is incredibly important. A social worker will visit your home to see that it is fit for housing your new child. They will take note of fire hazards, aggressive animals, and any factors that could be a danger to the baby. You will also go through a detailed emotional evaluation with your social worker. This will cover your relationship with your spouse as well as your parenting plan. It is a highly vulnerable part of the adoption process, but know it is essential to creating a safe, healthy home environment.

Follow Our Education Program

Pre-parenthood adoption classes help to better prepare adoptive parents for what to expect. Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses within your marital relationship as well as what influences your decisions and actions. This can help you to become a stronger family unit before finalizing your adoption. You will also learn the different types of adoption, how to communicate with the birth mother, and connect with other adopting families to create a support system.

Be Chosen By a Birth Mother

Next, the couple will create a family profile book to be viewed by the birth mother. Make sure you put time and dedication into this! Use this space to introduce mothers to your family, goals, personalities, and hobbies. Show them why you can be the right home for their baby. The birth mother or parents will go through these profiles, determine the perfect match for their child, and then connect with you.

Iron Out Legalities

There are three types of adoptions: open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. These determine the amount of communication the birth mother has with her child and the adopting family. At St. Elizabeth’s we leave this decision in the hands of the birth mother. We help to step you through the legal rights available for both parties so that you can better understand your adoption. 

Finalize Your Adoption

Now, you have made it to the last step of the adoption process: finalizing. Once the above steps have been completed and the birth mother has chosen you as the adoptive parents for her baby, St. Elizabeth’s will help you to finish your adoption. This includes navigating court processes. In the case of open adoption, we will also aid in establishing meetings between you and the birth parents. 

Begin the Adoption Process at St. Elizabeth’s

The adoption process can be a long one, but St. Elizabeth Foundation helps to make it as simple as possible. If you are ready for adoption, contact us today! You can call us at 225-769-8888, or send us a message to learn more. We look forward to helping you start your process.