Adoption in New Orleans is a beautiful journey, but there can be hurdles to overcome. From legal and financial obstacles to working through the emotional highs and lows, it is important to enter into your adoption journey anticipating the struggles as well as the successes. St. Elizabeth Foundation is a private Louisiana adoption agency that helps you better understand and navigate every step of the adoption process. Here are the challenges of the adoption process that you can prepare for.

1. Working Through the Adoption Process Itself

As much as we would love for the adoption process to be quick and easy, you should prepare for the possibility of a long, challenging process. As adoptive parents, you must undergo several steps to ensure that you are financially and emotionally qualified to bring a new child into your home. This entails filing a formal application, going through a detailed background check and home study, and following an educational program for adopting families. At St. Elizabeth’s, we require that adopting couples be married for a minimum of five years to qualify. Following your evaluation and education, you then create a family profile book that birth parents will view to choose the right family for their child.

The multi-faceted adoption process can be daunting, but don’t let this steal the joy from your journey. The St. Elizabeth Foundation works hand in hand with both birth mothers and adopting families. We help you understand each part of the adoption process. And, we offer emotional support along the way. No matter the ups or downs, know that you are working towards giving a baby a new, loving home!

2. Acknowledging the Child’s Birth Parents

The adoption process, though beautiful, can stir up a wide range of emotions. Joy and excitement may be accompanied by fear, nervousness, and even insecurity. The latter sensations often sprout from the possible resentment of your new child’s birth parents. You may feel self-conscious about not being your baby’s biological parents. These feelings are natural, but we urge you to take a deep breath and approach your adoption with patience and empathy. 

Be gentle with yourself. Even though you are not the biological parent, this makes you no less of a parent to your baby. And even though their birth mother has chosen the path of adoption, it is important to know her story. Extend kindness, grace, and understanding to her as she goes through her own decisions and struggles. Both accepting and offering compassion to all sides can better prepare you to deliver the same love to your new child.

3. Navigating Legal and Financial Challenges of Adoption in New Orleans

The technicalities of adoption can also extend the process. You should be prepared for adoption fees and ensure that your finances are adequate to support a new addition to your family. This means that you must consider new medical bills, daycare, schooling, groceries, and more. When it comes to legal obstacles, it is essential to fully understand the openness of your adoption. St. Elizabeth Foundation specializes in semi-open adoptions, while open and closed options are available. The birth mother chooses the type of adoption to establish the safest, healthiest option for her and the baby. Be flexible throughout the adoption process, and keep a receptive mind and heart to openness with the birth family.

4. Overcoming Emotional Hurdles

We’ve discussed the emotional ups and downs that can come through communication with the birth mother or parents. But your own parenting journey can affect your feelings, as well. Every set of adopting families comes with its own story. They may have known early on that adoption was at the heart of their household. These parents may already have children of their own and feel overjoyed to bring a new member into their family. Or, a couple may have experienced the heartache of infertility or child loss. 

For those who have gone through this kind of grief, know that adoption is a beautiful, fulfilling endeavor to both grow your household and give love to another child. But, it is important to understand the degrees of emotion that can come with the decision to adopt. You may feel bitterness, anger, and a new surge of grief wrapped in your feelings of happiness and excitement. At St. Elizabeth’s, we make sure that you have access to counseling services and other adoption testimonies. This way, you are surrounded by support to ensure that you are emotionally ready when the time comes to welcome your new child.

Prepare for Adoption in New Orleans With the St. Elizabeth Foundation

Every good thing comes with hard work—and the immense joy of adoption is worth the effort. The staff at St. Elizabeth helps you prepare for the challenges of the adoption process. Our adoption agency works with Louisiana families in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and beyond to connect them with birth mothers and begin the adoption journey. If you are ready to start or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 225-769-8888. Or, get in touch by sending us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!