If you have decided to move forward with adoption, you should first make sure that you meet all requirements and qualifications for adoption in your state. In Louisiana, this entails a thorough review of your home, finances, and mental health. These tasks, though in-depth, prepare you to bring a new member into your home and provide them with the best quality of life possible! If you are considering adoption in Louisiana, St. Elizabeth Foundation is here to help you understand your benchmarks and get you started on the path to welcoming a new child into your home.

What Are Your Initial Qualifications?

At St. Elizabeth Foundation, any adopting family must first meet a few standards to be eligible to adopt. The adopters must be a married couple who have been married for a minimum of 5 years. The couple should be at least 24 years of age and legal citizens of the United States. While there are no requirements on how many children are in the home, it is important to note that part of St. Elizabeth’s mission is to help couples who are struggling or unable to have biological children. 

If you have a convicted felony charge from the past, this must be reviewed by a social worker and approved. Non-violent crimes and proof that you have progressed positively since its occurrence may still allow you to adopt. However, violent crimes—especially if a child was involved—do not make your chances for adopting likely. Mental and physical health is necessary to be deemed worthy of taking in a new child, as is financial stability. You will also be required to undergo training for adoptive parents to best prepare for the path ahead of you.

Since you will be welcoming a new child into your home, a screening of your living environment is standard practice. Pets will be observed for any aggressive behavior. If they prove to be a possible danger to the child, they must be rehomed or restricted to other areas of the house for safety. Aside from needing a working home or cellphone, you must also have functioning smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

What Are the Emotional Requirements?

Adoption is an emotional process, as one might already assume. This is why it is essential to be in the right state of mind and emotional health to be ready for this new adjustment. Some parents may come from past trauma, such as a miscarriage, infertility, or an abusive home. It is important that you have given yourself space to grieve and cope, whether that is through therapy, on your own, or with a partner. You should also develop a support system including family, friends, and your spouse who can join in the excitement and offer the emotional stability you need throughout your adoption journey. 

Be prepared for ups and downs throughout your process. This is a natural part of committing to adoption. But, remember that adoption is a beautiful, exciting, selfless experience. Whether you have children of your own or not, make sure that you can deliver the same joy and acceptance that your new child will need. 

Begin Your Adoption Process in Louisiana With St. Elizabeth’s

If you have met all necessary physical and emotional requirements for adoption in Louisiana, it’s time to begin the process. With St. Elizabeth Foundation, you can connect with birth mothers through open, semi-open, or closed adoption processes. Begin by applying for adoption. Then, we will move forward with a home study to ensure that your living environment is safe and secure for your new little one. Then, our birth mothers can choose the adoptive parents for their babies. Are you ready to learn more? Request information from our website, or call us at 225-769-8888. We look forward to helping guide you through this process!