Bringing a child into the world is a significant decision. However,  circumstances may lead expectant mothers to consider adoption as an option. In Louisiana, St. Elizabeth Foundation is a compassionate adoption agency that supports birth mothers throughout their adoption journey. With a specialization in infant adoption, we offer a safe environment where expectant mothers can find parents looking to adopt and make the best choice for their babies. Explore how St. Elizabeth Foundation connects birth mothers with adopting families and how we support you as you develop your personalized adoption plan.

Start by Connecting with Adoptive Families

St. Elizabeth Foundation understands the importance of finding a loving and supportive family for your baby. When you are ready to find parents looking to adopt, we share comprehensive profiles of prospective adopting couples. All adoptive families have gone through an extensive vetting process, including background checks and home studies. This preparation ensures that all families listed can provide a safe, loving home for your baby. You can review family bios and learn more about the potential parents’ lives. By providing this access, our agency empowers expectant mothers to make the right choice for their baby’s future.

We Create a Safe Environment Tailored to Your Chosen Level of Openness

Privacy and security are especially important for expectant mothers considering adoption. At St. Elizabeth Foundation, we provide a safe and anonymous environment where birth mothers can explore their options without revealing their identities unless they feel comfortable doing so. This potential anonymity offers a sense of security, enabling birth mothers to review potential adopting families without any pressure or obligation. Our agency facilitates open, semi-open, and closed adoptions to meet your level of comfort. Whether you want to remain fully anonymous or wish to maintain some level of communication with your baby, we can help you develop an adoption plan that meets your needs.

Select the Perfect Family for Your Baby

When evaluating potential adopting families, birth mothers have several factors to consider. St. Elizabeth Foundation encourages birth mothers to think about their own values, family traditions, and hopes for their baby’s future. By reading family bios, you can learn about the potential parents’ backgrounds, lifestyles, and goals for raising a child. Consider the couple’s faith, lifestyle, hobbies, and household. Will your baby have siblings or be raised around animals? Will the adoptive parents’ extended family play a significant role in your baby’s upbringing? St. Elizabeth Foundation will help you explore the importance of factors by offering counseling and support. This information can help you identify families that align with your values. And, this also allows you to create a solid foundation for your baby’s future in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Seek Support and Assistance

In addition to helping you find parents looking to adopt, St. Elizabeth Foundation also helps develop your adoption plan. Making an adoption plan requires support and guidance. This process includes choosing your adoptive family, the hospital for your birth, and the openness of your adoption. St. Elizabeth Foundation is committed to providing expectant mothers with necessary assistance throughout the process, including counseling and financial resources. Our caring and experienced staff are available to address any questions or concerns while giving you power over each decision.

Find Parents Looking to Adopt at St. Elizabeth Foundation

St. Elizabeth Foundation is dedicated to helping birth mothers with unplanned pregnancies make the best adoption plans for their specific situations. By providing a safe and compassionate setting to discuss your pregnancy, we give you the space and the freedom to make the best choices for your needs. If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, reach out to us for the support you need to make an informed decision about your baby’s future. Contact our agency at 225-769-8888 or message us to find parents looking to adopt and take the first step towards placing your baby into a loving home.