Raising a child would be the greatest gift.

Being "double-loved" is a saying Mary's mother uses to describe their family because most of Mary's immediate and extended family are adopted. The first "love" is the love you give by bringing your child into the world. The second "love" is the love the child receives from their adoptive parents. We have witnessed firsthand how love can turn difficult decisions into beautiful lives. Our families are living proof of adoption's courageous promise. Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your baby. Raising a child would be the greatest gift.


We're Michael and Mary! Our story started in 2001 at Mary's junior prom, where we met. Despite heading to different colleges on the East Coast, our friendship stayed strong. After graduating, we took on the challenge of long-distance dating. Fast forward to 2009, when Michael made the move back to Louisiana, and then to November 2010, when we got married. Our wedding day was pure joy, surrounded by laughter and love from our nearest and dearest. Over the past 13 years, we've tackled everything together - from home renovations to career shifts, travels, and even health hurdles like Mary's double mastectomy due to the BRCA 2 gene. Through it all, we've leaned on each other, supported by our incredible friends, family, and faith. Since 2020, we've been working from home, giving us ample time to enjoy life with our dog friend, Mint, and explore the world together. Whether we're hiking trails or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, we make sure every moment is filled with laughter and resilience. Together, we've learned that facing life's challenges with a positive attitude makes all the difference.


In 2020, we began renovating our house, creating a cozy retreat. Our kitchen and living room have become the heart of our home, perfect for gatherings. With four bedrooms and three bathrooms spanning 3,000 square feet, there's plenty of space for comfortable living. Our neighborhood's convenience to activities, top-notch schools, family, and church makes it the perfect fit for us.


We've been traveling extensively, indulging our passion for road trips with adventures to Las Vegas, Utah, and the Florida Keys. Our love for hiking and exploring new destinations has taken us to places like Spain, England, Mexico, and Rotandan. Traveling is a huge part of our lives, and we hope to continue our adventures even when we start a family.


We share a love for cooking, movie nights, hiking, and socializing with family and friends. Leading an active lifestyle, we both have a passion for sports. Michael enjoys soccer, while Mary loves swimming. Additionally, Michael finds enjoyment in board games, while Mary expresses her creativity in art and music


We welcomed Mint, our rescue puppy, into our family in September. Mint brings boundless joy with her vibrant personality. She adores car rides, leisurely walks, and snuggles, adding endless delight to our days.

School & Work

Michael pursued Political Science on the East Coast and transitioned into a career in government before becoming a financial advisor. Meanwhile, Mary holds a degree in Interior Design and previously ran an art gallery on Royal and Magazine for many years. She later obtained her real estate license and currently works as an interior designer and real estate agent. Both of us enjoy the flexibility of working from home, allowing us to manage our schedules effectively.

Extended Family

We cherish our extended family, but we also have a close-knit circle of friends whom we consider family and enjoy spending time with. Living in close proximity to most of our relatives, we see each other frequently, nurturing strong relationships. Adoption has been instrumental in shaping our family, as a significant portion of our relatives are adopted, enriching our familial bonds even further.

Family Traditions & Holidays

Holidays and much of our family time are centered around Mississippi, where our parents reside in neighboring waterfront homes. We cherish the close proximity, as it allows us to gather easily in a shared space. Whether it's lounging by the pool, boating, or catching up with neighbors, we relish the time spent together in this idyllic setting. Being near both sets of parents adds to the joy of these gatherings, creating cherished memories for us all.

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