Emotional Support

You will go through periods of sadness and doubt during your adoption. We’ll be there for you every step of the way with counseling and support.

quotes from birth mothers


They were very supportive of all my decisions. They worked with all my requests towards my open adoption. ... They always made sure that my wishes were complied by. I would recommend them to anybody because they were really good.

Since I met them the first day, they were awesome. They always made me feel comfortable. Any time I needed them I could call them or come see them. They were right there.


Birth Mother


Anything I needed, whether it was I had a headache at ten o'clock at night and didn't have Tylenol, they would bring it to me. They held my hand through everything and provided whatever I needed. St. Elizabeth has been extraordinary.

Did you experience grief after the adoption?

I did grieve for a while, just because I was so used to having him with me -- and a part of you is no longer there. But knowing how well taken care of he is, how great his family is, how open they are with me -- it put everything at ease.


Birth Mother