About St. Elizabeth

The St. Elizabeth Foundation is a small, family-like organization specializing in adoptions in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans and across Louisiana. We pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled level of support for both our birth mothers and adoptive parents.

quotes from adoptive parents


Describe the benefits of working with St. Elizabeth.

Well, working with St. Elizabeth's gives you a real sense of everything's going to be taken care of properly. You don't have that queasy feeling of what if something goes wrong or something's not handled correctly. I never felt that.

And I'm amazed at how blessed we were working through St. Elizabeth's because you tell your story to people you come in contact with and you hear stories about people that had to go to China or to South America or wherever to adopt and for whatever reason we were blessed just to be able to do it here locally. Our oldest was born here in town and we were actually there for the birth. Our youngest was born in Hammond and we didn't quite make the birth, but we were there 30 minutes later.

St. Elizabeth guided us through a step by step process. The social worker came to our house and did the profile workup. We put together the binder, giving some background about our interests and our marriage so the birth mother could look at these different profiles and see what might be a good fit for her baby.

You’re contacted when a birth mother has chosen your file and asked if you are interested. Of course! And then the big day comes. And life is never the same again. It’s more wonderful than before.

Bill Avery

Adoptive Father


How did you hear about the St. Elizabeth Foundation?

I had a friend who kept saying if you’re kind of thinking about adoption-- and we were. She said you need to meet a friend of mine who went through this agency, St. Elizabeth. So, I said okay ... let’s meet with our friend’s friend. And we had lunch with her. And her description of St. Elizabeth’s was the fact that their focus is on the birth moms and making sure that they are on a good path after they choose adoption ... that kind of resonated with us.

As a parent who’s had a more open adoption, what insights can you share?

My words of advice to anybody considering adoption, especially open adoption...I know we had our doubts. We had spoken to other people who had done open adoption and learned how they were handling things based on their relationship with the birth mother or birth parents. We definitely went into it thinking we might not be as open as we did end up being, more because there’s that fear of just not knowing how the dynamic would work. But anybody thinking about open adoption, I would tell them come and talk to St. Elizabeth’s about it. Talk to them about the different dynamics that they’ve seen between families. Keep an open mind because you just don’t know until you meet those people and kind of start to form that relationship. But I would tell anybody, come and pursue it. Don’t hesitate because of a fear of not knowing how it’s going to work out.

I would say it’s a leap of faith. And it’s not easy. But it’s so worth it in the end.

Don’t hold back from experiencing the entire experience and trying to get close to and know the birth parents that have selected you. For them, it’s a comfort to always know that you are still interested. You want to put that effort there to try to start that relationship before the baby’s even here. Even if there’s an agreement that you won’t keep in touch afterwards for whichever side, it’s still important to get to know that person. And you can then share what you know about them with your child, even if you don’t keep that contact. But yeah, I would tell anybody to come and talk to St. Elizabeth’s because they really are a fantastic group.


Adoptive Mother