We want you to feel sure that this child will be loved and very well cared for, forever.

We’re so happy to have the opportunity to have you read this and get to know our family a bit! We know the decision to place one’s child for adoption is a difficult one, and we want you to know we don’t take this lightly. We can fully appreciate the situation you are in and admire the selfless decision that this becomes. We want you to feel sure that this child will be loved and very well cared for, forever. We both work very hard and have careers that allow us to offer this child a happy home, comfort, safety, stability and most importantly LOVE.


We were married on a yacht in Newport Beach, California in 2008. We met in Colorado in 2005 at work and it was clear pretty quickly that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives.

Why Adoption?

We have a 13-year-old son named R.C. that we adopted when he was very young, one of the best days of our lives. Raising him has been one of the most special and life-changing experiences imaginable. To raise a child, give them unconditional love, and a life they deserve, is again very special to us and our son. This is a main reason why we want to adopt again. Not only have we changed this boy’s life, but he has changed ours.


We live in beautiful neighborhood in Kenner, Louisiana with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a separate office and cabana bath out back by the pool. There’s a beautiful baby grand piano in the front room that R.C. likes to play. We have a beautiful pool that we love to take advantage of often! We are walking distance to the levee by Lake Pontchartrain, so that’s always a fun spot to ride bikes, play games exercise! We live in a neighborhood with a lot of families, so it’s always fun seeing the kids riding bikes, playing basketball, and just hanging out together. R.C. has made some great friends here!


For the past 9 years, Sarah served on a variety of community boards that focus on social action/justice, family services, philanthropy, volunteerism, and fundraising. She thrives off being involved in the community, which our son loves to be involved in as well. Listening to music, animals, swimming, golf, history and culture are all things we love, along with our favorite thing of course- hanging with family!


We have two adorable dogs, Wednesday the chieweenie and Achu (as in bless you) the Maltese. They sure do have their unique personalities. Wednesday, the sensitive sweet one, and Achu, who will never get bored of playing fetch!

School & Work

Sarah has over 10 years of experience in Early Child Development, over 7 years in Finance, and works from home most of the time, which she loves. Rudy is a National Account Manager for the AR Credit/Collections company that he has been with for over 17 years. He has been in sales, marketing, management and business ownership for all of his career.

Family Time

We do so much together as a family! We love going on family vacations around the world, just as much as we love family game night at home! We really enjoy museums, the Zoo, Aquarium and park. We also like going on adventures like kayaking, hiking, camping and visiting our family in Australia. We do science and cooking projects at home, and during the winter it’s always fun to light the fire pit in the backyard, listen to music, and make s’mores!

Our Family

Sarah’s parents, Roger (Grandpa) and Becky (Nana) live in Melbourne, Australia along with her sister and nephews. We love visiting them and they often make trips our here for several months at a time. Nana loves creating projects to do with R.C. and Grandpa loves walking R.C. to the school bus everyday amongst many other things! Rudy’s father, Rudy (Grandpapa) unfortunately passed away about 14 years ago, however his mother, Odette (Grandmama) and sister are thriving and enjoying living in Southern California. We go back and forth for visits quite a bit throughout the year!

Family Traditions & Holidays

We have lots of family, cousins, aunts and uncles throughout the US and Australia that we keep in close contact with and enjoy regular family time! It’s always fun making snow angels up north during the winter, and hitting up the beach in Florida and boat rides in California during the summer!

Find Out More

Would you like to learn more about this family or the other families waiting to adopt a baby? Contact the caring counselors at St. Elizabeth. There’s no pressure—we’re just here to help you decide what’s best for you and your baby.