We have so much love to give you and your child.

Hello there! Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our family profile. We understand that this is a difficult and weighty decision for you. We’re honored to have you interested in knowing more about us and for considering us to raise your child. We admire your honesty, bravery, and vulnerability through this process, and we commit ourselves to displaying the same- even when it might be challenging or uncomfortable. More than anything, we want you to know we think very highly of you. We have deep respect for you and greatly admire your courage. Even though we can’t promise we’ll be perfect, we have so much love to give you and your child. We are eager to build a friendship with you if given the opportunity to raise your child!


We both grew up in Shreveport and met in the Spring of 2010 through a local church where we were involved with their high school choir! I was singing in the choir and Luke was the instructor for a drum group that went along on the tour to play while the choir sang. After the trip ended, we spent the summer hanging out, getting to know each other better, and began dating for the next 3 years. Eventually, we knew we wanted to get married and did so in December of 2013! Over the past 8 ½ years of marriage, we’ve moved homes, made job changes, had arguments, been on vacations, learned how to better communicate, experienced family loss, laughed till we’ve cried, became dog parents, and figured out (and continue to figure out) who we are individually and as a couple!


We live in a quaint, 1940’s home. It is a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom and includes a kitchen, living room, and dining room. It also has our favorite spot in the home, a sunroom! We spend many days sitting in the sunroom, listening to music, and looking out at our back deck and backyard. We believe our home reflects who we are in the style and artwork displayed throughout the house. We’re very blessed to have a place to live where we can experience rest, fun, and safety.


During our free time, we like to take our dog on walks, skateboard, read books, go for drives through the city, watch movies, play pickleball (no actual pickles involved, haha), ride bikes, bird watch, go hiking, eat at restaurants (Asian, Mexican, and Southern BBQ are some of our favorite types of food), hang out with family and friends, spend time outside in our backyard! Our city also has several outdoor festivals and food/music fairs that we really enjoy attending… from Mardi Gras and crawfish season to jazz & blues fest. We love celebrating the uniqueness of Louisiana and all the cultural and holiday traditions our state holds throughout the year!


We have one dog named Xylo. He is a Cockapoo (Cocker spaniel and Poodle Mix). He is 6 years old and was named after the Xylophone instrument! He is a loving, affectionate, spunky dog with a big personality. He loves treats and snuggling. We love to take him on walks, hiking trips, and watch him run around the backyard!

School & Work

Luke works at our church’s school overseeing the arts department for kindergarten through 12th grade. As the Director of Arts, he supervises visual art, music, and theater, organizing classroom curriculum and planning programs as well as teaching music to middle and high schools students. He loves getting to combine his passion of advocating for the arts, music education, and playing music! Sarah works for a non-profit organization that works with individuals experiencing homelessness, physical poverty, and victims of human trafficking. She began volunteering with this organization when she was 16 years old and over the years has moved into a full-time position. Sarah has learned over the years that success isn’t defined by her standards but by the individual becoming all that Jesus has created them to be!

Our Extended Family

Luke’s family includes his parents, sister, brother-in-law, as well as a grandmother, aunt, uncle, and niece. Sarah’s family includes her mom and stepdad, biological father, stepmom, four sisters, and a brother. She also has several living grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nephews and a niece. We also have several friends and family members that have adopted or were adopted. Seeing adoption in our own families has made a huge impact on us.

Family Values

Over the years, we have spent time identifying the values and qualities that are most important to us and defining the family we wanted to be. This resulted in us creating our family crest! When life gets crazy, too busy, or overwhelming, these values anchor us and keep us connected to one another. Each part of the crest highlights one of our values: We fight for love. We strive for wholeness. We seek humility. We practice generosity!

Our Community

We live on a friendly, diverse street block where we are thankful to know our neighbors. Around our block, we are within walking distance of restaurants, stores, and a park. One of our favorite things to do is take our dog, Xylo, on a Saturday morning walk to get donuts from the Donut Shop up the street! Our city is one of the biggest in the state. We’re proud of the ethnicity and races represented in our city’s population and all the cuisine and culture that adds to our area.

Find Out More

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