There are no obligations on this adoption journey. A crossroads where the lives of perfect strangers meet and none of us will ever be the same.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to consider us. We know selecting a family to place your precious child with is overwhelming. We want to present a snapshot of our lives so you can understand who we are and connect with the heart of who we are. It is our heart's desire to have a home that resembles heaven; a multi-cultural adopted family made possible by the sacrifice and love of Jesus. Whatever reflections you see in the mirror, our hearts and minds are open and we want the opportunity to start a conversation as you consider options for your child's destiny.


Our love is the stuff that legends are made of. Maybe that is a bit dramatic! But, we met and were engaged within 3 months and that is now 13 years in our rearview mirror. My (Chiriga) heart was won over by his sincere indulging attentiveness as well as his light-hearted sense of humor. I became the queen of his heart when he noticed my authenticity and willingness to accept all of who is just as he is.

Why Adoption?

We are willing to bet that considering adoption was not your plan A. We can identify with you. Yet, this is an opportunity to make a plan b, c, d, or e the best decision of our lives. Adoption will be part of our vocabulary from the moment we bring the child home. Our intention to have frequent age-appropriate discussions with the child about adoption and their adoption journey. We will share your love and story with the child. Celebrating adoption in the child's life will be highlighted by recognizing their birthday, adoption day, and National Adoption Day. National Adoption Day will be a day we pay tribute to their biological family and their part in developing our family. There is room in our lives for the child we will raise and openness with the biological family.


We live in a quaint cottage-style home in a sleepy country area that is within a 10 minute drive of two major coastal cities. Our neighborhood and city are culturally diverse. Living in and near other port cities gives us access to a vast influx of people from different backgrounds and as a result, the cities in which we live and visit are very accepting of diversity of thought and culture.


We enjoy vacationing in warm climate destinations and the mountains.


We are a fun loving couple who do not take ourselves too seriously. Our spare time is filled with reading, going to the local drive-in movie, hiking, walking, and working out. As coffee snobs, we enjoy visiting the local coffee houses.


For the past seven years, we have owned several pet-centered businesses which includes pet sitting and pet grooming. Currently, we groom pets as a professional hobby. While we have nothing against cats, we are dog people residing with a Belgium Malinois.

School & Work

Julius has a degree in Criminal Justice and Chiriga has degrees in Speech-Language Pathology and School Counseling. Both of us have worked in our fulfilling careers for over 15 years.

Family Traditions & Holidays

We both have large families and enjoy every opportunity we have to come together. It is a time of laughter, crazy antics, and dancing. Currently, we celebrate Christmas, Resurrection Sunday, and Thanksgiving with family dinners, but we look forward to starting our own traditions with the child we adopt.

Find Out More

Would you like to learn more about this family or the other families waiting to adopt a baby? Contact the caring counselors at St. Elizabeth. There’s no pressure—we’re just here to help you decide what’s best for you and your baby.