As parents our goal is to raise a child with a life of love.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are deeply honored that you are considering us as part of your life's journey and giving us the gift of adopting your child. As parents our goal is to raise a child with a life of love, lots of laughter, kindness, and the ability to grow and blossom to the person they want to be. We hope that this profile will provide you a snapshot of who we are and most importantly, the life your child would have as part of our family.


We met in 2009 while we were both living in Utah and got married in Las Vegas in 2011. While Utah may be where we met, we are both southerners at heart! Jillian is originally from Mississippi and Joseph is from Texas and we now call Louisiana our home.


We have a great home with lots of room to grow a family! We are in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood in an area within walking distance to a great park, restaurants and shops. We love going for bike rides, taking our dogs for long walks throughout our neighborhood and swimming in our pool.


Whether around the globe or just down the street, we love to travel and are excited about having a child to bring with us to teach about the different cultures and experiences that are available throughout the world.


We both enjoy traveling, reading and spending time with our friends. We try to stay active by going for bike rides and running the occasional 5k or 10k.


In addition to the two of us, we have a few four-legged members in our family! We have two dogs, Lizzy and Poppy, and one cat, Sebastian. Not only do we love our own pets, but animal welfare and helping pets in need is one of our passions in both our personal lives and in Jillian's career.

School & Work

Jillian got her bachelor’s degree at the University of Southern Mississippi and is currently the Executive Director of a local animal shelter. Joseph received his bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech University and is working as a Sr. Communications Specialist for a chemical company.

Our Extended Family

While our families might not live in the same town, we make it a priority to keep a close relationship with each other and spend time together often. From holidays to pool days, we always have a good time together and enjoy the time we are able to spend as a family.

Family Traditions & Holidays

Jillian and Joseph have family across the country and have various traditions, including Joseph’s family visiting for the 4th of July, Jillian’s family gathering for Christmas or Joseph and his mom celebrating their Christmas Eve birthdays together. No matter the location, holidays are a great opportunity to see loved ones and they’re looking forward to creating new traditions with our adopted child.

Find Out More

Would you like to learn more about this family or the other families waiting to adopt a baby? Contact the caring counselors at St. Elizabeth. There’s no pressure—we’re just here to help you decide what’s best for you and your baby.