We have many values that we are excited to share with a child.

We are family and friend centered. Most of our activities revolve around and are shared with them. We are very dedicated to our faith and church family. Education is very important to us as we both have our degrees in teaching. Culture is very prominent where we live and we are involved with preserving it. We seek a healthy balance between work and play, and we definitely enjoy both. We are excited that you would consider us for your child and pray that this book will give you a glimpse of who we are and who we hope to be as parents. We promise to honor your decision with all the means that are available to us. We are very dedicated to raising a healthy, happy and well-rounded child in a way that will bring dignity to all of our lives.


We found each other at the same college in 1998. The first time we met was in a music theory class. We became drum majors for our college marching band in the same year and began dating after a band trip to the French Riviera. The rest is HISTORY! We have been married for 14 wonderful years! After getting married in 2004, we moved to the town where we attended college and both began teaching (Jared high school and Erin elementary school). We both LOVE working with kids! Jared now has his own retail and online business selling sports novelties (one of his passions in life...SPORTS!). We love being parents! Jacob was born April 4, 2017, 28 weeks early. We spent 76 days in the neonatal intensive care unit before coming home on Father's Day. He is now almost two and is happy and healthy. We also have a relationship with Jacob's birth mom and her two children.


We love where we live. We purchased our home a started a huge renovation that took almost 2 1/2 years! With the help of Erin's dad on the weekends and holidays, we did all of the work ourselves. Our neighborhood is quiet and family oriented. We love spending time on our swing in the front yard and hanging out in the back, watching Jared grill.


We love to travel! We can't wait to travel to new places together with our family. Places we’ve traveled together include China, France, Ireland, Hawaii, New York, Disney World (several times!), Arizona, California, New York, and 10 major league baseball parks around the US.


- We are passionate about music and sports. Attending or watching football or baseball games is always common in our home! - We enjoy exercising and staying fit. We have both run several half-marathons. - We are volunteers! We volunteer for an international music festival in our city.


We have two Chihuahuas and a chiweenie. Their names are Shosty, Mozart, and Viv. One is energetic, one is an "old soul," and one is everybody's friend. They are definitely part of our family!

School & Work

Erin and I also support each other in our careers. After Jacob came home, she expressed interest in leaving her school administration position to teach music again. She now teaches ukulele to Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade and guitar to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. She has also been supportive of my dream to open up a retail store.

Our Extended Family

Our families are very close to both of us, even though some live in other states. There are currently several nieces and nephews in our life and we are hoping to add more to the family. Any child that comes into our house will have a strong support system from all of these people. Erin is the youngest of three sisters. Jared is the oldest of four siblings. The ages are very spread out and, because of this, Jared's younger brother and Erin's nephew are only 2 months apart. All are accepted in this family, despite the differences, and a new child in our family will be treated with the same love.

Family Traditions & Holidays

Our favorite holiday is Christmas! We love getting together with our families and sharing our many traditions. We can't wait to involve our little one someday!

Find Out More

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