We would first like to thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child.

We cannot imagine how difficult this decision will be. We admire your strength and will be praying that you find the loving family you seek. We are very excited to be adopting and adding to our family! If we are chosen as the adoptive parents, we will provide support, unconditional love and a family-oriented environment. Thank you for taking time to learn more about our family. We hope this book gives you a glimpse into our lives and helps portray the kind of parents we will be to your child.


We met through Herman’s family member and mutual friend in 2009. Herman was deployed at the time, so we spoke on the phone and exchanged emails for a few months before we had our first date. After three months of getting to know one another, we were able to meet in person in Louisiana. Herman officially returned from deployment and we were engaged in 2010. In 2011, we had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Louisiana. Our daughter Carrington was born in 2012. Zahrah, Herman’s daughter and Tasha’s stepdaughter, is currently a senior in high school in Arizona where she lives with her mother.


We live in a family-oriented neighborhood in Italy. We live in a two-story gated home with a large backyard. Our neighborhood is very quiet, safe, and surrounded with friendly Italian neighbors. Our home is close to parks, restaurants, grocery stores, and gelato shops. The military base which includes the schools, health clinic, grocery store, movie theater, parks, and restaurant is within driving distance.


Since moving to Italy last year, we have visited 7 countries including trips to Legoland in Germany and the Christmas market in Austria. We love returning to Louisiana to spend time with family.


As a couple, we enjoy many activities, such as traveling, hiking, playing sports, attending concerts and enjoying food and dessert tastings. As a family, we look forward to movie and game night every Friday.


We have one dog and his name is Titan. He is a 14-year old cocker spaniel who spends the majority of his time sleeping. He absolutely loves kids because he’s able to get an unconditional amount of belly rubs and treats.

School & Work

Tasha graduated from college with her Master’s in Nursing and is a Nurse Practitioner with experience working in pediatrics. Herman joined the U.S. Army after completing high school. He has been in the U.S. Army for 20 years and has traveled all over the world. He has bravely deployed four times. Herman has truly enjoyed serving his country but looks forward to retirement soon.

Our Extended Family

Tasha’s parents were married for 35 years until her mom passed away. Her younger brother and father still live in Louisiana. Tasha feels blessed to have an amazing relationship with both sides of her family, who mostly reside in Louisiana and Florida. Tasha’s extended family love cooking, eating, and spending time together as family. Tasha’s dad is retired and travels to see them at least twice a year. Herman comes from a big family and is one of ten children. He was raised in Louisiana on some of its favorite cuisine such as gumbo and seafood. Herman’s family is very active in sports and love cooking.

Family Traditions & Holidays

Some values that are essential to our marriage is making sure that God is the head of our household, always maintaining a great line of communication and showing a loving and positive relationship to our kids. We are both Christians. We will raise our kids to believe in God, be kind and respect others.

Find Out More

Would you like to learn more about this family or the other families waiting to adopt a baby? Contact the caring counselors at St. Elizabeth. There’s no pressure—we’re just here to help you decide what’s best for you and your baby.