We are excited to adopt and complete our family.

Hello, we are Erik and Alicia, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are very excited to be able to adopt and complete our family! We hope that seeing our story will assist you in finding the right family to raise your child. Regardless of your decision, we wish you and your child all the best. We hope this gives you a look into our lives and we look forward to meeting you.


We met in 2005 in high school and started dating in 2006. We dated for 5 years and got married in 2011. We got our English bulldog, Diesel, in 2014 and it was perfect timing! We soon learned (the very next week) that we would struggle with infertility. After lots of fertility treatment and testing, we learned that it wouldn’t be possible to conceive a child. After a couple of years of reflecting on how we would complete our family, it came to us that adoption was the best path forward. We are both very nurturing individuals. Together, with our different styles, we strike a balance that will help any child become a well-rounded individual. We are both disciplined people which will help create the environment to mold your child into a successful person. We both have great senses of humor, which helps us work through any of the big challenges life throws our way. We are both easy going and understanding people who have learned to overcome whatever situation life throws at us. We will work very hard to make sure a child is given the best opportunities to be their best self.


We live in a large subdivision of 400 homes in the Lafayette area. There are a lot of young families with children to play with. The community often hosts outdoor movie nights and food truck events. Our home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a fenced in backyard. We enjoy decorating outside and inside for all holidays and seasons. Our favorite time to decorate is always Christmas.


Together, we love to see and experience new places, people, and foods! We appreciate the beauty of the world around us, and try to soak in as much as we can each year. Whether it's around our home or a far off destination, we love visiting Erik's mom in San Antonio, going to the Zoo with friends, visiting friends in Galveston, or taking in whatever beach or mountain is calling.


We love attending sporting events, concerts, and standup comedy shows. We love cheering on our nieces' and nephews' events as well. Erik enjoys learning to write computer code and reading in his spare time, while Alicia enjoys crafting and trying out new recipes.


Diesel is our 8 year old English bulldog. He has grown to be part of our family. As you can see, he very much has his own personality and loves joining us in themes for vacations and holidays. All of the nieces, nephews, and cousins love his outfits and kisses. He is very affectionate and will be a great protector over anyone who joins our home.

School & Work

Erik graduated high school in 2005. He found success in the oil field, getting to design jobs and travel the world. He travelled to places like Africa, Curacao, Korea, and Turkey. He is now working as a Project Manager at a manufacturing company near Lafayette, Louisiana. While he may not travel much for work anymore, he loves getting to travel to visit family around the United States. Alicia graduated college with an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. She now works for a group of surgeons as a Workers' Compensation Coordinator, helping to ensure people injured on the job receive the medical care they need.

Erik's Extended Family

Erik’s family is very large, on his mom’s side he has fifty two first cousins, and on his dads side he has nine. This does not begin to capture step siblings and other relatives. Erik is very close to his immediate family. Erik and Alicia are especially close to his younger brother, Spencer. While you cannot choose your family, there are those friends who become family over the years like Dustin and Brittany, Deryk and Nadja, as well as Mitch. We love getting together for family gatherings at all holidays and make it a point to get together with them whenever possible.

Alicia's Extended Family

Alicia’s family is super close knit on both sides. Her parents are both the fifth of six children. Between the families there are twenty two cousins. Both sides of the family are very close to one another and grew up having everyone together for birthdays and holidays. Alicia’s grandmother, Leola and she have always had a very close relationship even from a young age. This is the main place where Alicia’s love of cooking began. Both families’ gatherings are always centered around family, food, and fun!

Family Traditions & Holidays

Growing up in the South, tradition is very important. It is knowing what traditions to hold on to that drives us in the right direction. Traditions based on love, spreading cheer, and sharing a good time with family are the traditions we hold on to. Over the years, we have created our own family traditions such as dressing up as a group for Halloween, cookie decorating and pumpkin carving with nieces, and taking family pictures for Christmas cards. We enjoy spending holidays with all of our families celebrating with crawfish boils, BBQs, Easter egg hunts, fireworks, and good food.

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