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Chris and Stacy met on e-harmony in December 2009. They started dating in January 2010 after having their first date at Mason’s Grill. They dated for one year before Chris proposed at home in front of their Christmas tree in December 2010. Stacy really loves Christmas so this proposal was extra special and unexpected. They planned their wedding and were married in November 2011.


Chris enjoys running marathons and completed the Goofy Challenge in Disney World. He also referees high school soccer games. Chris is coaching the Lady Bugs, a girls’ soccer team. He enjoys helping others and when a friend of Chris’ needed someone to coach his daughter’s recreational soccer team, Chris jumped at the opportunity to help. Stacy really loves doing anything crafty including painting and quilting. She also cross stitched the lyrics to her favorite bedtime song, “Playmate”, that her mom sang to her every night before bed. Stacy plans on signing this same song to her son or daughter one day.


We have three pets. Guinness is an 11 year old dog and Cocoa and Squirt are 2 year old cats.

School & Work

Stacy was born and raised in a small town in Michigan called Tecumseh. After high school, she went to Michigan State University for an Education degree. To finish her degree she had to do an internship and found one at the Child Development Lab at LSU. Stacy currently works with medically fragile children. Chris was born in Monroe, Louisiana. His family moved to Baton Rouge when Chris was three years old. He is a graduate of McKinley High School and Louisiana Tech University. Chris currently works as a Geologist.

Our Extended Family

We love to spend time together and with friends playing board games. We have large families and enjoy taking trips to visit Stacy’s family in Michigan.

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