We can't wait to provide a child with a life full of unconditional love.

We are Nichole & Brandon! We're thrilled that you've taken the time to get to know us & our family. We can't wait to provide a child with a life full of unconditional love, emotional and financial support, a safe and stable home, and a good education leading to endless opportunities. We appreciate your consideration as we know this is a very challenging & emotional decision. We pray that you find it in your heart to choose us as the loving parents of your child.


We met through mutual friends in 2008 and started dating while Nichole was in undergrad at LSU & Brandon was in Physical Therapy school at LSU in New Orleans. We dated for 3.5 years before Brandon proposed. We were married in 2012 in Audubon Park, New Orleans where we were surrounded by our family and best friends. After our wedding we moved in together and hoped to start a family of our own.


Nichole loves the beach & Brandon loves the mountains. We make sure to visit both each year.


We love spending our time together with friends & family. We take several vacations throughout the year that we would love to share with children. Some of our hobbies include golf, travel, boating, & biking around town.


We have two adopted fur-babies, Vada & Griff. Vada is 10 and Griff is 6. We love them like children and know they are so excited to have a little brother or sister. They are both so sweet & gentle with our friend's & family's young children.

Our Extended Family

We are lucky to be so close to our family. Both of our parents & some of our siblings live close by so we get to spend time with them often & celebrate all of our holidays together. Brandon’s twin sisters, their 4 kids, & Nichole’s brother all live in town with us. Brandon’s brother & Nichole’s sister and her family are out of town but it makes for great vacations.

Find Out More

Would you like to learn more about this family or the other families waiting to adopt a baby? Contact the caring counselors at St. Elizabeth. There’s no pressure—we’re just here to help you decide what’s best for you and your baby.