You’re In Control

We respect the birth mother’s right to make her own decisions throughout the entire adoption process. We provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions that are best for you and your child’s future.

We provide the Louisiana adoption information and support you need. The decisions are yours and yours alone. You’re in control.

quotes from birth mothers


They asked me, “What do you want in a family? What’s important to you?” I had very specific things that I wanted: religion, background, things they did as a family. The first profile book I opened was the family I chose. I didn’t need to look any further. There was something about their book that completely connected with me. The second I read their profile I didn’t need to see any more. I knew. ... I knew that that was the family.

Did you experience grief after the adoption?

I did grieve for a while, just because I was so used to having him with me -- and a part of you is no longer there. But knowing how well taken care of he is, how great his family is, how open they are with me -- it put everything at ease.


Birth Mother